Rainy Tuesday Blues

Yet again it's rainy, rainy, rainy! The only nice thing about the rain today was the roar of the thunder, which I love. As a result of the rain, I figured today would be a perfect day for indoor shots and since my boyfriend wasn't here I had to do these my self with the self timer! None the less...I love this outfit. I really have a thing lately for blacks and blues together. You guys probably recognize the velvet skirt that I always wear. I layered it on top of another Free People piece...the blue tuxedo dress from one of my posts a couple months back. Together they make a lovely combination I think...I mean what's better than layering Free People clothing?!
I hope you are all enjoying your week so far! I have three days off in a row which is nice since I worked a lot this weekend. Even better than that, I will be done with school for the summer in a couple of weeks! It's going to be nice to enjoy the summer off and make some more memories.

I think I have a problem..

I just purchased this gorgeous lace dress from Nasty Gal! How adorable is it?! I edited the photo so it was easier to see the lovely detailing and all of the lace. I love the bohemian vibe to it! It will be so perfect for hot summer days. I figured I should treat myself to a nice dress every once in awhile ;) 
Nasty Gal just added more adorable pieces to their site...check it out! Unless you have a problem like me..
As for today...I am so busy with work and cleaning a house this morning and now I have school work to do! Ahh...but I had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Modest Mouse was AMAZING! I had a blast dancing and getting groovy on the dance floor. And last night my boyfriend and some friends of mine went to a local get together where local bands were playing. It was really nice to catch up with some of my girl friends as well! Happy Monday everyone! 

I'm On Vacation

(Shades: 80s Purple, Tunic: Vintage, Skinnies: Hudson)

That's something my boyfriend loves to say all the time when he wears his hawaiian shirt. So here's my 60s hawaiian tunic ;) The colors are so awesome! I love green and blue together, always have and always will. I fell in the trend trap and finally bought myself some John Lenon inspired shades. I've always wanted some so I finally purchased them online.
I got to dash though, the man and I are headed to the Modest Mouse concert tonight! I'm pretty excited, even though I'll admit I don't listen to them much. But it is part of his birthday gift. 
Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!! 

Stripes & Dots

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of my usual blogging lately. The past few days have been interesting but I think things are starting to get back to normal :) Well here is another one of my wacky outfits..layering stripes with polka dots. There is actually a polka dot dress under my striped top, which I'm sure I'll wear by itself in another post. I like to have fun with patterns and prints and try things most people wouldn't think of wearing right off the top of their heads. 
The weather has been soo gloomy lately..and I'm longing for the suns rays again!! The forecast for my city is rainy and cloudy all weekend...ugh :( I hope those of you who do get the sun are enjoying it! 


Photo post :) The last photo is my best friend...no photos of me this time! These are photos from a beautiful park near where I live. It's such a nice place to go walk around and relax. The park is so big too, you have to drive to all of the different areas..or I guess if you're really motivated you could walk. I plan on going there again this summer when the rose garden is in full bloom! This would be such a great place to take photos..so I'm sure that will happen in the future as well. I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far. I promise to have a outfit post up soon...I've just been really busy and this week has been kind of off. I hope to see the sunshine again soon!

Giveaway Time!!

So for those of you who have been reading awhile back know that i was lucky to win the Market HQ Blogger Giveaway. From the beginning, I had my eyes set on the coolest shorts ever. Ya..I know some of you might deny the patriotic trend...But I'm definitely diggin it! I picked the shorts as one of the item I wanted for winning the giveaway. Well, Market HQ was kind enough to let me give my favorite Evil Twin Patriotic shorts to one of my readers as well!!! But that's not the only thing the winner will receive. The winner also gets a super cute Evil Twin Top...all courtesy of
Market HQ!

To Enter:
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This giveaway is open to anyone and everyone. The giveaway closes June 3rd.
Good Luck everyone!

I'm an Ethnic Flower

(Dress and Belt: Thrifted, Boots: Sears)

Just a simple dress, perfect for summer...and another non-thinking outfit. I love the print of this dress. Very Boho in my opinion which I love! Like most of my outfits, I like to pair it with my simple black boots and black belt of course. Well finally, the weekend is here again. I am so ready for just a little break from school and things, since it has been causing my brain to go a million miles per hour lately. This week is over though and a brand new one awaits. 
On a happier note, my boyfriend and I had a wonderful evening on his birthday. I took him out to dinner at a delicious restaurant called Twigs. The food was excellent. I got a teriyaki, chicken pita that was filled with fresh peppers, chicken, cheese and pineapple...so good! And of course my boyfriend got a manly sandwich consisting of only chicken, bacon, and cheese. Typical ;)
It was so nice to spend a nice dinner together and celebrate his birthday.
I'm definitely now ready to relax...so bring it on weekend!

Deja Vu

(Sweater: Free!, Leather Skinnies: Hudson, Boots: Sears)

I love comfy knitted sweaters! I got this one in the fall of last year at a Barter Fair my boyfriend and I went to. One of the really cool things set up there was the "Free Store" which consisted of a bunch of clothing and nicknacks you could have for free, or you could leave things behind for someone else to pick up. I left some jewelry behind and I picked out this sweater and the daisy top from my previous post. I'm sure this is the last time I'll be able to wear this sweater for awhile. The rainy weather, on this day, made it possible for me to wear it before spring is here.
Today is my boyfriend's birthday!!!!! So I would like to wish him a wonderful birthday, and I can't wait to spend time with him on his special day. :)
Happy Birthday Dakotah!! 


(Hat: Nine West, Top: TJ Maxx, Pants: Thrifted)

I was without a doubt inspired by the blogger FrouFrouu for this outfit. She has the coolest style, and I remember seeing some looks on her blog that reminded me of a few things I had in my closet.  When I found these burgandy pants at a thrift store, it instantly reminded me of the coolest outfit I had seen of hers, so I had to get them. They are without a doubt very high waist, since they go up to my belly button! I don't know very many people my age, around where I live, who would wear these pants :) haha But they were love at first sight.
Anywho, I will be spending the day working. I actually enjoy working on Sundays because on the radio, from 11-12 am, Beatle Brunch is playing. They have exclusive interviews with the Beatles, and play non-stop Beatles music. It's wonderful :)
And another big thank you to my newest followers! I've officially made it past 300! Wow :)
You are all amazing. And have a great Sunday!
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 (Dress: Forever21, Necklaces: Gifts from family, Leggings: MinkPink)

Remember awhile back when I mentioned that I won the Market HQ blogger giveaway? 
Well these leggings are one of the items that I picked out! How cool are they? They are velvet and I think they have the coolest pattern ever. Even on the other side of them they look tye-dyed which is awesome too! When I first got them I wore them all of the time..they are extremely comfy. 
I'm really excited for the weekend! Today, my best friend and I are going to be getting facials. I've never gotten one so Im a bit nervous..but I'm definitely looking forward to it. Then tomorrow, her and I are going to spend the day going to garage sales! I can't wait :)
Have a fabulous weekend everyone! And enjoy the sunshine!

Evening Sun

(Top: TJMaxx, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: F21 Maxi Dress, Shoes: Vintage)

All my life my favorite part of the day has always been when the sun is starting to go down. Just a couple of hours before the sun officially sets. I love the soft glow the sun gives off on all things, it's just so warm and comforting. I can finally start looking forward to that since spring has showed up. Today was so warm..I loved it! Perfect day to spend outdoors :)
Happy Monday everyone!
Most of my Mondays are usually alright, but earlier today I felt really sick :( But luckily it didn't last all day, especially with all of the homework and things around the house I need to do.
Hope you guys are all enjoying the sun..for those who have it!
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Twinkle Toes

(Top: Target, Belt: Nordstom, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Vintage)

Another outfit ready for spring :) and look...I'm not wearing a hat! haha
This weekend has been really nice so far. My boyfriend took me to see Fast Five last night, and that was a lot of fun. It's been awhile since we've seen a movie together and I loved just spending some time with just us two. But tonight we plan on heading to our friends' apartment again, which should also be fun!
Hello to my new followers! Your guys' support is always appreciated!
AND I wanted to say a thank you again to my boyfriend who takes all the photos of me :) xoxo

Hope you all have a great Mother's Day tomorrow!! :) Cook your mom some breakfast in bed!


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