Romwe Giveaway!

It's that time again!! Time for a Romwe giveaway! :)
One lucky reader will win one of these adorable dresses along with $50 of freebies! Woot!

All you have to do to enter is:

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THATS ALL! The giveaway is available for everyone and is open until June 6th!
And of course the winners of the Salt on the Rocks giveaway :)
Congrats to Cara of The Marvelous Flight and Victoria of Forever Fashionably Late! I will be contacting you ladies soon.
Thanks everyone who entered and good luck! <3

Simply Summer

(Top: Forever 21, Shorts: Vintage+DIY, Sandals & Bag: Vintage)

Well I'm finally back again! :) I feel like it's been forever since I've done an outfit post, though it hasn't been that long ago. I just have been busy as always but the end of school is getting closer. It was such a beautiful day out yesterday that I was able to wear my DIY shorts :) You might remember them from my previous post here! I just got this top a few days ago... and it's my new favorite. I love that it has a vintage feel to it. Pretty much a simple summer look that I love ;)
Have a fantastic week everyone!!

Lots of cute summer clothes in my shop! 

I love Vintage, How about you??

Summer is pretty much here, and so are great summer vintage clothing in my shop! 
Lot's of florals and high waisted shorts, and different sizes for everyone. You don't want to miss out :)
And since it's Memorial weekend, I'm giving my readers an extra 15% off when you use the code 'MEMORIAL' until end of Monday!
So hurry and get some great stuff!

Feelin' Fancy

(Top: c/o Dahlia, Belt: Vintage, Skirt: American Apparel, Oxfords: JC Pennys)

I'm loving tops with pretty collars lately, and of course polka when I received this top I instantly fell in love. It's got so much character and I feel so pretty in it :) I love getting pieces that make me step out of my comfort zone a bit, I usually end up loving them and it expands my sense of style. I've had this skirt for a couple of years now and it's such a great color to pair with almost anything.

I also have some pretty tops with pretty collars in my shop!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ;)

Fixing a Hole, Where the Rain Gets In

(Top: Gift from Mom!, Belt: Wholesale Dress, Skirt: Vintage, Bag: Vintage, Sandals: ASOS)

The weather is still pretty crummy in my neck of the woods. So today I took some photos indoors :) They're a little different than my usual photos, but I love how they turned out. I'm sure most of you know that I am a huge Beatle Fan! Hence the name, The Moptop ;) I've seen some really cool Beatle fan photos lately, that I decided to take some of my own.  
And how cute is my Beatles Tee?? My mom got it for me this past Christmas :) I'm happy to finally show it off.

I also added lots of new stuff to my vintage store!

Busy Busy Bee

$3 goodwill shoes!!
Straw hats & floral print <3
My new 60s tank!
Things I'll miss about fall
New room decor
Forever my favorite shoes <3

Posting Instagram photos seems to be the thing to do when a blogger has no time for a real post! I have been a busy little bee this weekend that I had no time for outfit photos. I'm sure you all understand :)
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Floppy Hats & Lilacs

(Hat: Gift from bf, Necklace: Vintage, Dress: Romwe, Socks & Bag: Thrifted, Sandals: ASOS)

What a lovely day it's been :) Today is my wonderful boyfriends' birthday! He absolutely loves this dress and he got me this hat, so I figured this would be the perfect post for today. We all know how big my obsession is with floral prints, well I think my obsession with polka dots is growing quite rapidly. I love the swiss dots on the sleeves of this dress, and I remember searching for some swiss dot clothing awhile I'm sure you can imagine my love for this dress :) I've also been wearing bolos as necklaces a lot lately, I LOVE THEM. They're always at thrift stores and there are usually some really cool ones. I even got myself an arrow head one, and I think I might try and put a few in the shop. They're my favorite accessory right now :)
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Another Adventure

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of going on another thrifting adventure with one of my high school pals, Emma! You may remember our adventure awhile back...well we were reunited once again and we had a great time! We raided some thrift stores, came out with lots of great stuff, and ate some beyond delicious food. It was definitely a pretty successful day. And what kind of bloggers would we be if we hadn't have documented it all in photos....good thing we did ;)
This is Emma! She's an outstanding photographer, a graphic design student, a blogger...and she's stylish! This girl can do everything. I was in love with both her bag and dress too. Make sure to get the details of her look on her blog, Smile Me Pretty!
And little ole me :) 
I wore: Pants from Swank Boutique, Vintage Top from Spokane Vintage Warehouse, and oxfords from JC Pennys

Aren't I so attractive? And yes. I bought this vest.
 Avid Thrifter
 All about them cropped tops
As you can tell, it was a really fun day! I can't wait until Emma is back in town again!
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone ;)

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