Just Climbing Trees

(Hat & Top: Forever21, Pants: Thrifted) 

I attempted to climb a tree in these photos. But these boots aren't really made for that sort of thing. 
Im really loving leopard print these days. It's so fun to mix into an outfit, and it adds some sort of bohemian flare to things I think. 
I've officially made it to 400 followers!! It's so crazy to think about, I didn't know people would actually enjoy my sense of style. You guys are great! :) And thanks for all the support.

Let Me Do What I Want.

(Shirt and Shorts: Market HQ)

Please excuse my pale legs, I need to start soaking up the sun! I love love love my patriotic shorts! They are so fun to wear, and I love the reaction i get from people when I have them on. This type of style isn't very common for where I live, so i get some interesting glances. 
Just a quick post for today. I went camping all weekend with my boyfriend and some friends. It was so much fun! But I'm a little tired from all the excitement. I will be relaxing these next couple of days to recover. Have a wonderful Monday everyone! 

Day Dream

(Kimono: c/o Shock Boutique and Jennie, Top: Thrifted, Shorts: Forever21, Moccasins: Thrifted)

What girl doesn't love new clothes!? Well this post is full of a couple of my favorite new additions to my collection of clothes. A couple of weeks back I was extremely lucky to win this beautiful kimono from the fabulous blogger Jennie of Going West! I was soo excited, since I've been wanting a kimono for a long time. They're so marvelous and fun to wear and I've already fallen in love with mine. Also, I'm loving these shorts I picked up at Forever 21 the other day, the lace up front is my favorite! And of course my new moccasins are so comfy and rad! The best thing is they were only $4 at a local thrift store. ;)
Sorry for the delay in a good outfit post lately, I've been so busy with summer! Thanks to all of my loyal readers for understanding. Also again, remember you can now follow me on Twitter!
Last but not least the winner of the Pulp Vintage Giveaway is...
Florence of Fantail Flo! Congrats girl! And thanks again for all who entered :)

This Girlsss Got it

I would love to share closets with her. 

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As If I'm Not Alone

(Cape: Vintage, Dress: Matix, Necklace: Lucky Brand)

I love finding great vintage items, especially at thrift stores. This cape is 1970s vintage from Sears! I was so excited to find it...it's a nice new addition to my collection of vintage. This dress is another one of those no thinking outfits. All of the buttons are so great, and my bf adores me in this dress which makes me love wearing it even more ;) I had a great weekend, my cousin got married! I also got to bring the boy with me to introduce him to my mom's side of the family. And it was a success. 
So here begins my summer :) I'm done with school for the summer, and I'm ready to enjoy it. I even made a list of all the things I want to do, and I can't wait to get started.

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Have a great week everyone :)

Pulp Vintage Giveaway!!

Summer is finally here, and it's time for a giveaway!! Woop woop! 
Pulp Vintage is giving one of my lucky winners this lovely, vintage, bohemian dress! Absolutely perfect to wear in the summer sun...and I just love the little buttons ;) Check out there store on Etsy, they have some super cute vintage! I'm loving the crushed velvet burnout top...I'm thinking about getting it for myself ;) Can't wait until the giveaway is over? Pulp Vintage is offering 10% off everything until Sunday. Just enter the code HEARTPOPS and the discount is all yours!

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You have until June 24th to enter, and the giveaway is open to all of my readers :)
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Keep Your Face Always Towards the Sun

(Top: Volcom, Belt: Thritfted, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Wanted)

I'm enjoying this lovely summer weather, and I am 2 days away from being done with school! I cannot wait to have a summer break. It's been nice going to college instead of high school, but I am ready to relax and have a nice summer vacation. 
This skirt is perfect for the summer, nice and breezy! Isn't the color nice too? I love the colors of this outfit, it gives it a nice bohemian vibe I think. A nice cute go to outfit, if I'm ever running late!
And if you hadn't noticed, my etsy store (The Moptop Vintage) is officially up and running! Let me know what you think :)
Hope your week is going wonderful! And check out my guest post on A Fine Day for Sailing!

Guest Posting

Today I will be guest posting for the lovely Islabell from A Fine Day for Sailing. I adore her blog, and her super rad vintage style. She was kind enough to ask me to do as guest post for her while she's on vacation in Europe...lucky duck!! Here are a few snap shots of the outfit but the real deal is all here at
Check it out! :) 

Inside a dream

What a goof ball...

What a great weekend :) My boyfriend and I had such a great time at the community yard sale. We woke up extra early to try and beat the crowds. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home that day so I wasn't able to take photos. We literally walked out of his house and walked through the neighborhood to the garage sale...it was insane! The very first house we got to had the coolest dream catcher ever. I was dumb enough not to buy it right away, because someone else bought it instead! Grr..but I found some really cool jewelry and a Betsey Johnson dress for 3 dollars!!! But the coolest thing of all, my boyfriend bought me a bike :) He has one too, and now we can go on bike rides together this summer. So sweet of him right? ;) 
And I wanted to let you all know that The Moptop Vintage store is officially up on etsy!!
It's quite small right now, but I'm just getting started. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Oh You Thrifty Girl

(Vest: Thrifted, Dress: Thrifted)

My thrifty little outfit. This dress used to be a maxi, and this vest used to be a jean jacket.
But give them a Moptop makeover, and you get this. For some reason, wearing the long floral dress made me feel about 20 years older. So I knew I had to take the scissors to this dress. My boyfriend's mom actually helped me cut it correctly, and add a hem to the bottom. It's like a brand new dress! 
Today, the boyfriend and I will be embarking on an all day garage sale adventure. A town we live near is having a community garage sale where hundreds of houses all have garage sales. I can't wait!
Have a great weekend everyone..and hello new readers!! :)

We Are Surrounded

The other night there was the most beautiful sunset ever in the sky, as you can obviously see in these photos. The colors were so wonderful and breathtaking. Another reason why my favorite time of the day is 6 pm and on. I got a little photo crazy when I saw the sunset, and as it sank more the colors started to get richer and more vibrant. Such a beautiful thing I wanted to share. 
And the first photo, just some crazy cool looking trees!
Happy Friday everyone!!

Tall Tales

(Dress: Vintage, Socks: Forever21, Shoes: Vintage)

Another dress perfect for the spring/summer. Once I get my Etsy store up in running, I might sell this one too. I think the buttons are so cute :) I hope you all are having a good week so far. Mine is good, especially since I'm out of school next week and then my summer will have officially started.
And thanks to my boyfriend again for taking my outfit photos every post :) xoxo 


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