Flowers of the Sun

(Sorry for the goofy faced was windy again!)
(Dress: Vintage/Christmas Gift, Coat: MinkPink from Lulu's, Tights: Forever 21, Boots: Vintage from Granny's Bootery)

This dress happens to be one of the items that I received this Christmas. I remember spotting it on Etsy and I wanted it soo bad and it's finally mine! I had yet to have a floral dress with sunflowers on it so I was very excited to finally get it :) And as I said in the previous post...I finally got myself some blue tights too! I never really see navy tights worn too often and I don't really know why. It's refreshing from always wearing my black ones. Also, I bought the MinkPink coat I've had my eye on for while! I love the vintage vibe to it...and the floral print inside is soo cute. You could say I'm pretty pleased. :)
So tomorrow I am going snowboarding with my boyfriend, which is why I'm posting this now. I am SO nervous to go because to be honest....I'm pretty terrible at snowboarding. I love going up in the mountains because it's so beautiful, so I guess I should really start going more to get better. Wish me luck and hopefully I won't have too many bruises when I get back!

I Shall Be Free

(Top: TJ Maxx, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Forever 21, Cardigan: Thrifted, Boots: Vintage)

It seems like it's been so long since I've done a proper outfit post. I have been so busy with all of my Christmas festivities that I finally got time today to snap some photos before I was off for the day. It's not very often that you see me wearing an actual skirt! I usually just love wearing tops over my dresses, but I really love how the skirt and flowers match each other. I'm very sorry too if any of you are tired of me always wearing this cardigan...but it seriously goes with everything! It's been my go to item to complete all of my looks. Also, it's pretty funny that last year during the winter I never really tried wearing tights much, mostly just black leggings. But now I practically live in tights too! I picked up a pair of navy ones today too, so hopefully I will be showing those off in my next outfit :)
I'm getting really excited for the brand New year! I haven't really decided on what my New Years' resolution is going to be yet. My boyfriend always told me how he thought a resolution for the new year was kind of dumb, because you could simply decide to make a change anytime of the year. It makes very good sense...but I still am going to think of something worthwhile. I already have my New Years outfit picked out too, how about you guys?
Have a wonderful weekend!!

A Thrift Trip

Emma scoring some sweet shoes
Being tough.
I found black boots like my Grannys Bootery ones!

Well hello again everyone! I hope you all had a great time during the holidays...I definitely did. I will be sharing some of my new additions from Christmas this week but first I wanted to show off some photos from my thrifting trip! Those of you who remember will recall me talking about going on a little adventure with my good friend, Emma. I am pretty much addicted to thrifting so when she said we should made a trip I was very excited. We had a really good time goofing off and snagging some really great items! She also took these photos of me and some other really great ones that I will share with you guys another time :) I love how the photos turned out. I think I'm going to be saving some money to get myself a fancy camera as well. You can also check out Emma's blog, Smile Me Pretty HERE
Time for me to unpack everything. ALSO I am on twitter quite often now, for those who want quicker updates with what's going on in my little ole life...Follow me HERE  <3

It's Beginning to look A LOT like Christmas!

(Forever 21 Dress & Top, Vintage Boots, Hair Piece: Cut off from a cheap ornament)

Christmas is getting soo close! This dress/top combination is what I plan on wearing on Christmas day for all my festivities and I have another outfit planned for tomorrow on Christmas Eve. I hope to snap some photos of that too! Since I am leaving for my mother's house tomorrow, I had to do Christmas festivities with my family and boyfriend early. So Today, I had lunch/dinner with my boyfriend and his family and to do gifts. We had delicious cornish game hen and rice and of course lots of home made goodies for dessert. My boyfriend got me this lovely maroon floppy hat and....The Beatles 'Let It Be' vinyl!! It's my favorite album and I have been wanting the vinyl version forever. He was even nice enough to get me an authentic one, and not a current printed copy. I am beyond happy :) For dinner, My boyfriend came over to my house to spend time with my Dad and Step Mom. We had a yummy ham dinner and gifts afterwards too!! My parents got me the Marc Jacobs "Daisy-Eau So Fresh" perfume!!! I have been wanting it forever <3 They also got me a straightener and lots of goodies. Yes... I am very spoiled.
I hope you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy Holidays. I won't be posting until after Christmas but I'm sure I will have photos to share after! 

A Wild One

(All items are thrifted vintage except for Boots: Granny's Bootery)

I'm so sorry that these photos turned out somewhat blurry. I was in a bit of a rush this morning and I took them before my thrifting adventure today....more details and photos about that in another post. Isn't this giraffe print adorable! Giraffes happen to be my favorite animal ever so I instantly fell hard for this dress. I wanted to mix the prints and I thought my fuzzy navajo cardigan was a great pair to everything. I know it's a bit much but sometimes I like clashing prints ;)
Things have been so crazy and hectic lately trying to get ready for Christmas. I still have cards I need to write but that's basically about it for now. How can Christmas already only be 3 days away!? It came too fast I think. On Christmas Eve I will be riding the Greyhound bus to visit my mom and to see a lot of my family for the holidays, I can't wait! :)

Mad About Mustard

I was planning on doing an outfit post today but I was super busy yesterday with Christmas shopping and I had to work early there really was no time! Instead I decided to try out Polyvore and make a dream outfit I would love to have...or maybe it could somewhat be my Christmas wishlist. If you have been reading my blog lately, you'd be familiar with my current obsession with the color mustard. The funny thing is..I used to not like the color yellow at all. But mustard is a toned down version that I can't get enough of. I am always inspired by the 60s and I think this look somewhat resembles many elements of the 1960s. 

At The Last Minute

If you're anything like me, you wait until the last minute to do all of you Christmas shopping at the last minute. Luckily, I got all of my shopping done today and now all that's left is to wrap everything up. Well if there is a special boy or girl you need to get a gift for, The Lost Travel T-shirt Company is a great place to pick up a last minute surprise. They get all their inspiration from old photographs and their products are for the wanderlusting soul. I love their designs and I can't wait to pick one up for myself. All of their products are eco friendly and made of organic cotton...something I love to support. My personal favorite is the Jemaa el Fna Bamboo tee. The photo on it is beautiful and it reminds me of one of my favorite Crosby, Stills, and Nash songs. You all should check them out, I know you won't be disappointed. :)
Look for their new collection in January too!

Baby, It's Cold Outside

(Scarf & Top: Forever 21, Belt & Cardigan: Thrifted, Skirt & Boots: Vintage)

Yes, it has indeed been very, very cold lately. Without any snow of course :( But it's gotten me to bundle up a lot. This big, chunky scarf has been my favorite lately. It's so perfect for wrapping around my neck to keep warm. Of course one of my favorite cardigans has been doing the trick as well. It's pretty loose fitted, which I think is wonderful for when it's cold. And lastly of course keeping my feet warm with some nice socks and boots. I have been getting some fun colors too, like maroon and orange and I can't wait to show those off too! 
I seriously can't believe Christmas is less than a week away! I still have a few gifts to pick up and some DIY gifts I made that need to be finished...and wrapped. I can tell this week is going to be fairly busy. I'm also going on a thrifting trip on Thursday with one of my friends who is home on break. I'm sure we will be documenting the adventure with lots of photos! :) I can't wait.
I hope your holiday season is wonderful so far!!
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It's About Time

(Dress: H&M, Top: Forever 21, Shoes: c/o Wanted)

As you can see from these photos, we finally got a wee bit of snow!! Unfortunately it melted away almost immediately after though :( I hope we have a white's only a week away! I still have so much to do, so many gifts to buy and crafts to's crazy! 
I love my new shoes from Wanted! They remind me of The Beatles kind of. I have been needing a lighter color boot and these are spot on I think. This dress I have worn by itself in a previous post, but I decided to try the ole trick of the top over dress...and I love how it turned out. The collar is so cute, and I love the animal print all over it. A wonderful dress I think ;)
I hope you are all having a fantastic holiday season so far! And hello to my new followers!!

I also just added these adorable vintage inspired necklaces to my etsy shop, The Moptop Vintage. They're handmade by yours! ;) They're super affordable and great last minute gifts!

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