Floral Pocket Shorts DIY

I can't express how excited I am for this post! This is my first ever DIY post! :) Ever since I was a little kid, I have been quite the crafter. I've never really tried too many clothing craft projects...mostly because I still need to learn how to sew! Anyways, here is my very first DIY post on how to add floral pockets to your shorts, which really goes to show how anxious I am for summer to arrive. ;) A lot of the dresses that I thrift, I usually end up shortening so I end up with lots of extra vintage fabric. This is a perfect way to put that fabric to good use!
Things you'll need:
-Measuring tape/ruler
-Paper & Pen

First: Measure the dimensions of the pockets

Next: Recreate the dimensions of the pockets on a piece of paper and cut it out.

Then: Use the paper cut out and trace it onto the fabric. Once you have it traced, cut out the fabric.

It should look something like this ^

After that: Hand sew the fabric onto the shorts. This might take some time and can be a little frustrating at times...be patient though, it's well worth it! 
And here they are! Spring & Summer ready ;)
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Thanks everyone and happy crafting!

To the gypsy that remains

(Dress worn as top: Nasty Gal, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Spokane Vintage Warehouse, Kimono: Jenny Goes West/Shock Boutique, Boots: Granny's Bootery)

I had so much fun taking these photos. The wind was blowing but I think that's what made these photos even better. I got this kimono last summer or so from a giveaway and I still am mesmerized by it. Kimono's are so beautiful and are really such special pieces to wear...they're just so cool!! The colors of this one are so warm and earthy which is why I think I love it even more :)
 I found some really great stuff will I was out yesterday, and even picked up some gorgeous stuff for the shop. Luck was definitely on my side yesterday....

Enjoy your Thursday everyone! I'm happy to have another day off today :) Yay!


(Coat: Target, Top: Vintage, Belt: Vintage, Skirt: American Apparel, Shoes: Vintage)

I love wearing neutrals. Brown is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear. Sometimes I even feel like I have a little too much brown in my wardrobe! It's just one of those colors that I think looks good on pretty much everyone. I also think I want to start wearing stripes more often, and mixing them with other prints. Definitely some fashion experimenting in the future! 
The days have still been pretty gloomy, and the rainy weather is making it difficult for me to take outfit photos as scheduled. So thanks you all for being patient :)

This is the last day to enter the Elkin bracelet giveaway! So hurry and enter if you haven't yet!

Velvet Lovers

Boo this bipolar weather! I attempted to take outfit photos today...bad idea in the rain. 
Instead I thought I would bring a couple of things to attention to you guys. I got a lot of compliments on my velvet top in my post a few days ago. Velvet is one of my favorite things to wear and in my opinion it will never go out of style. I have a few velvet vintage pieces in my shop, KooKooKachoo vintage, among lots of other great pieces. 
Also, I made a new temporary shop to sell some of my non-vintage pieces every once in awhile. It's a good way to clean out my closet and share the goods with you guys! The prices are super good too and most of the stuff I have only worn like once! So make sure you all check it out and I will let you all know anytime I do these sales! (I plan on adding more tomorrow too!)
Enjoy your Monday :)


(All Items Vintage, Dress for sale in my shop!)

I think winter got tired of seeing all of our gloomy faces lately, and spring made a little bit of an appearance finally. I feel like most of my days recently have been filled with dreaming about the summer time. It really can't come fast enough. 
I imagine this summer I will be wearing these sandals, accompanied by this bag, a lot :) I really love how they compliment each other, and these sandals are the comfiest thing ever!!! (Thanks again mom!) And how cute is this dress?? I instantly snatched it up when I saw it, and lucky for you guys...it's for sale! I figured I should probably part with more of my vintage finds, it's not nice to keep them all to myself ;)
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!! And enjoy the sun if you got it!

Sugar Magnolia

(Top: DIY Vintage High-Low Top, Dress: Forever 21, Hat: Nine West, Bag & Boots: Vintage)

Velvet and floral, one of my favorite combinations! I found this top while out thrifting and it used to be a huge t-shirt/dress thing. That's when I got this grand idea of cutting the front and rounding the back to make a high-low, cropped top. I am pretty proud of myself for this idea :) And I think I will try it more. Hopefully I can do a tutorial sometime to show you guys! 
I really love these beat up boots too. Even though they're pretty scuffed up, I couldn't leave them behind. You can't tell from the photos, but they have this cute little triangle detail across the edge...I love them :)

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far! I am having a nice little break from school, soooo nice! I am still happy tomorrow is Friday though ;)

Elkin Bracelet Giveaway!

Since the weather here is so crummy, I thought today would be perfect to do another giveaway!! 
You might have noticed in my previous post I was wearing this bracelet from Elkin, well they were kind enough to send me an extra one to give to one of you guys! How nice! :)
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The giveaway is open to anyone and everyone until the 28th of March! So hurry and enter! 

It's all over now, Baby Blue

(Dress, Scarf, & Shoes: Vintage, Bag c/o The Leather Satchel Co., Bracelet c/o Elkin)

Those of you who follow me on twitter, probably already know of my recent love of neck scarves. I think they're more appropriate for the spring time. Even though the weather here hasn't exactly resembled spring at all lately! When I'm out thrifting, I find a lot of these cute silk scarves. They're great to dress up pretty much every look and they're fun to put on bags as well. This dress is another recent find and I love it! The buttons up the front, the color, and the print...how could I not fall in love with it?! 
One of my favorite things to wear lately :) I feel like I say that with every outfit... haha
A warm hello to all you my new followers!! :) And to all of you, a happy Monday!


(All Items Vintage Except Pants: Hudson)

I feel like I say this every post...but I am so ready for the warm weather!! Serious talk. I am getting so bored of my winter clothes. All I can think about it what I can't wait to wear when the sun finally starts to shine. I'm getting extremely restless. 
Sometimes I kind of like to dress like a boy :) I think it's the simplicity of it that I find nice to wear. Obviously these aren't mens clothes but I like the boyish vibe of this look. When I was younger I was quite the tomboy too. It would have been interesting to tell a young Tonya that she would one day have a fashion blog... haha 
Brown, black, and blue are always my favorite colors to wear...and I love combining them all into one look! Breaking the 'fashion rules' ;)
Hope you guys had a great Friday!! And have a great St. Patrick's day! 

An Update

So many exciting things have been going on in my little life lately! It's kept me very busy, but I couldn't be happier. I have been featured in this week's issue of the Inlander! The Inlander is a local newspaper for the Spokane and the Coeur d'Alene area that covers events and news going on! I was contacted last week and was asked if I would like to be featured. I have been reading the Inlander before I moved to Spokane, since my Step mom always was reading one...so of course I said YES! It's so exciting and I am so honored. Check out the online version HERE or if you live close...grab yourself one!

And yesterday, I was Chictopia's Homepage Feature! My mom was very happy about this...she bought me the Lucky dress for Christmas ;) Thanks again Mom, and of course Chictopia!

Now an update on the Refinery29 contest! Our newest challenge has been posted. It's a DIY makeup so it was something new to me! I usually do my makeup pretty much the same everyday...so this was kind of fun to try. Here is the steps and for the full DIY check out the Refinery29 Style Challenges. 
Just an update of everything exciting right now! I couldn't thank all of you guys enough. This wouldn't be possible without all of the wonderful support I get from you guys with every post :)


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