(Vest: Vintage, Top: Vintage, Scarf: Forever21, Skirt: Free People, Shoes: Penny's)

A CAT VEST! What could be cooler than that?! I was a little skeptical at first about buying this but I am definitely happy I did. I have a special little place in my heart for cats, because of my little kitty kat at home :) I've been wearing more and more fall colors as summer starts to dwindle away. I usually am one to wear more earthy tones, so I love when fall fashions and style start to come around...I get even more inspired. And I love how cozy fall clothing is!
A very happy Friday to all of you! <3

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How to Wear Scarves

Whenever I'm out and about thrifting, I am constantly finding lots of cute and fun vintage scarves. But sometimes it gets frustrating figuring out what to do with them or how to wear them. With fall just around the corner I find myself wanting to throw on a cute scarf more and more, so I came up with some ways that I like to wear them to share with you guys!

A great way to jazz up a bag or purse is to add a colorful or printed scarf!

Tie a knot in the center for a menswear inspired look!

A colorful scarf can add a fun pop of color to any dress! Or with a simple top and great pants.

For those of you who follow my instagram, might have seen me wearing my hair like this lately. It's a cute and easy way to do your hair, and it's also cute worn down as well!

I love wrapping a scarf around my neck for an effortless look. I definitely know I'll be wearing lots of scarves this fall and winter!

I hope this post was helpful! What are some ways you guys like to wear scarves? 
I also have some adorable vintage scarves in my shop for sale if you want to try out any of these techniques!

Good Day Sunshine

Entire outfit is vintage! :)
We spotted a couple of deer while out taking photos too!

This is one of my favorite vintage tops ever! And I got it for only one buck! :) It's one of those tops though that I only wear once in awhile, but when I do wear it I feel like I stepped back in time. The colors and pattern of it are just wonderful, and I think that's a big reason why I'm so in love with's so fun! I love this skirt as well! It's a tad bit too small but that doesn't stop me from wearing it as much as possible ;)

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First Vlog! Thrift tips from Emma & Tonya

Hello everyone! Here is the exciting surprise I wanted to share with you very first vlog that I did with Emma of Smile Me Pretty! :) Lots of questions about thrifting have been asked so hopefully this video will answer some of those and also help you on your future thrifting adventures!

Thrifting Pointers- Smile Me Moptop from Emma Vidmar on Vimeo.

I had so much fun doing to video too. Emma is so goofy and fun like me, as I'm sure you can see from the video. Make sure and check out her blog, Smile Me Pretty! And let me know your thoughts on our first vlog!


(Top: c/o Romwe, Necklace: c/o Chicnova, Shorts & bag: thrifted, Boots: Shoe Mint)

I knew I would be wearing these boots constantly! 
Lately I've really been loving jewelry with simple shapes, especially triangles. I thought pairing it with a polka dot top would be fun too, shape on shape....maybe the next new trend? hahah 
A very special thanks to Emma of Smile Me Pretty for taking these photos! :) We had a great time thrifting...and I found this cute straw bag while we were out. I also have a surprise to show you guys soon that Emma and I created together...I can't wait until it's done to share it! 

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(Hat: Forever 21, Top: c/o SheInside, Skirt: Free People, Boots: Shoe Mint)

Well I managed to take some photos...yep, in front of my garage. It's a bit embarrassing but I have been so busy that I had a bit of time between jobs to snap a few I took advantage of it and thought what the hell. Adds to the 'ruggedness' of the look right? I hope you guys understand! ;)
I pretty much love this skirt and hat together, they make the perfect pair and really pull together any outfit. I love the worn look to this top too. Gives it a bit of a girly grunge look, something I love to wear. 
And like I said before, these boots and I...we're going to be the best of friends.
Hope you're all having a fantastic week!

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Summertime Blues

'Black Magic Woman'

'Take It Easy' 

Wow, I've been the worst blogger ever lately. I'm extrememly sorry but I have been SO busy working! I don't mind though, I love keeping my mind busy...but sometimes it makes it hard to find time for outfit photos. What I like to do sometimes it put together little outfits I would love to wear. Light knits are always so great for the end of summer. They're cozy and are great for the weather slowly starting to cool. I paired both of these little outfits all from items She Inside too! They always have the cutest stuff. What are your favorites?
Hope to be back soon!

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I'm back!

Packed and ready to go!

Sent some postcards to my love while I was away

Antique find! :)

Campfire on the beach!

I love the weeds of the sea, so inspiring.

The prettiest lookout I've ever been too. Another tradition <3

I got a sweet original Beatles magazine and book! From 1967 & 1965!

I'm back home from my vacation!
Just a few photos from my instagram feed I took when I was away.
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Misty Morning

(Bag: Gap, Dress/shoes/coat: Vintage)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I'm still on vacation by the beach, and today is my last day here. Luckily I was able to get some photos snapped for another post. I picked up this dress while thrifting/antiquing a few days ago. I love the little bow in the front, it adds a cute little waist line. I've been obsessed with wearing neutrals while I'm here. I think it must be the colors of the ocean that make me want to mimmic the beautiful color pallet. Nature is always great for inspiration. 

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 (Bag, hat, coat: Vintage, Top: Romwe, Jeans: Free People)

It feels like fall here, which has forced me to break out my hat and long coat in order to stay warm...and I actually kind of like it. Maybe I'm more ready for fall than I thought.
The coffee shop is about to close, so just a quick post for you guys :)
I'm still loving the sea.

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