First Vlog! Thrift tips from Emma & Tonya

Hello everyone! Here is the exciting surprise I wanted to share with you very first vlog that I did with Emma of Smile Me Pretty! :) Lots of questions about thrifting have been asked so hopefully this video will answer some of those and also help you on your future thrifting adventures!

Thrifting Pointers- Smile Me Moptop from Emma Vidmar on Vimeo.

I had so much fun doing to video too. Emma is so goofy and fun like me, as I'm sure you can see from the video. Make sure and check out her blog, Smile Me Pretty! And let me know your thoughts on our first vlog!


  1. That was so cute!! Your voice is different than I expected. But I like it! I've been wanting to do a thrifting vlog but my point and shoot camera is a goner and so I don't have anything but my computer. It might look weird lugging that around a thrift store. LOL. This was cute though and I'm so jealous there is a whole rack of hats there! I never find good hats! <3


  2. Cute video! I like the bags you found, so jealous! I'm always interested in how other people thrift/what they look for. You should definitely make more vlogs! :)

  3. Cute! The music was pretty distracting because it was competing with your voices. Hard to here parts but I really liked it overall:)

  4. you had a lot of fun! great idea girls.

  5. LOVED that!! it was really fun and informative xo

  6. You have a really pretty voice,
    and I really liked to see you "move".
    You should do this more often!

    Love, Jona

  7. That is def one thing I miss about Spokane! Now I want to be there thrifting!!

  8. this is fantastic what a great idea! you two are adorable and fun to watch.

  9. I'd love to do a video blog like this but i hate my voice! haha
    You guys are too cute!

  10. thank you for doing this!! I was so nervous watching it, thinking, "crap, if Tonya has a super high valley-girl voice or something it's gonna totally distort the reasons I love her style..." hahhaha SOOO happy you seem totally normal/goofy/awesome!

  11. awww loved this video! so cool to hear your voice :) you sound how i expected though!

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