How to Wear Scarves

Whenever I'm out and about thrifting, I am constantly finding lots of cute and fun vintage scarves. But sometimes it gets frustrating figuring out what to do with them or how to wear them. With fall just around the corner I find myself wanting to throw on a cute scarf more and more, so I came up with some ways that I like to wear them to share with you guys!

A great way to jazz up a bag or purse is to add a colorful or printed scarf!

Tie a knot in the center for a menswear inspired look!

A colorful scarf can add a fun pop of color to any dress! Or with a simple top and great pants.

For those of you who follow my instagram, might have seen me wearing my hair like this lately. It's a cute and easy way to do your hair, and it's also cute worn down as well!

I love wrapping a scarf around my neck for an effortless look. I definitely know I'll be wearing lots of scarves this fall and winter!

I hope this post was helpful! What are some ways you guys like to wear scarves? 
I also have some adorable vintage scarves in my shop for sale if you want to try out any of these techniques!


  1. ahh so cool to see this!
    looks so cool every single time
    Great job

    New outfit post on my blog ;

  2. such beautiful ways to war scarves,love this post!

  3. I like it best in your hair. That look is just so chic! :)
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  4. Oh this post is amazing, love the scarf as a belt!

  5. I do the hair and belt ones the most!

  6. Great ideas Tonya :)

    xo Jennifer

  7. yep, yep, yep! scarves in the hair steal my heart. : ) cute post, lady! xo.

  8. I usually wear it the classic way or tie it on my bag :)

  9. Love these ideas! I've yet to tie one on a purse, but I definitely want to do that. I actually have a few square scarves that are big enough to wear as tops too. Something pretty daring, but another way to style one. :) <3


  10. nice post! you look so cute with the head scarf!

  11. I love this post! It is so useful! I really had more or less the same problem! I will bookmark this just to remeber all these wonderful ideas! :)

  12. Awesome advice on the different ways to wear scarves :) Thanks for sharing :D

  13. I absolutly love this blog post - such good advice.. and I never thought to wear a scarf as a belt before. Thank you!

  14. Love the scarf ideas... thanks for the inspiration girl.
    And I'm especially in love with your bag. Thats a super cool one ;)

  15. Cool ideas! I like scarfs but I didn't know how to make something nice :)

  16. Thanks for sharing!! Love scarfs and you did an awesome job showcasing how to use them! Lovely blog!
    Follow each other???

    1. Awesome!!!! thanks for those ideas, very helpful!:)



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