Guest Posting over at 60s Mod Fox!

Hey everyone! Today my outfit post is over on the lovely Michelle's blog, 60s Mod Fox!
She's been one of my favorite blogger's ever since I entered the whole 'blogersphere'. Show some love over there and make sure to check out her amazing style too! She's such an inspiration, especially for you vintage lovers like me :)

Time to Get Cozy

(Sweater & Scarf: Forever 21, Cardigan: Thrifted, Pants: I Heart Ronson, Purse & Shoes: Vintage)

Snow. Snow. Snow.
We pretty much got a very random blizzard this weekend and we got over 5 inches of snow! Pretty crazy, I'm even more ready for Spring and Summer now. But in the mean time, I will have to keep bundling up in layers. I found this cardigan the other day while out thrifting and it's been on me ever since. I love the color of it and how cozy it is! It definitely fits well into my wardrobe, so this was a very happy find. 
Hello hello to all my new followers too! I seriously can't believe we're almost to 1,000!! INSANE!
I'm working on a giveaway once we hit it, so stay posted ;)
Thanks :)

It's That Time Again

CLICK BANNER TO SHOP FREE PEOPLE --------------------->

It's that time when I post about my current favorite items at my favorite store ever...Free People! My birthday is only a couple of days away too, so I thought this would be perfect to use as my sort of 'Birthday Wish List'. So many wonderful things from Free People right now makes me want it to be Spring and Summer even more! Ahhh Dream on Tonya...

I need all the votes possible for the Refinery29 Next Style Blogger Competition!!
Please, if you could, just take 2 minutes and vote for me!
CLICK HERE, and I'm the third contestant the heart (you must be signed in through facebook) and wah-lah! 
It would really mean A LOT!! THANKS!!!!

In Between a Memory & a Dream

(All vintage except Necklace: c/o Isobel + Ezra)

What another crazy week it has been! Thank you all so much for being incredibly patient with me lately...things have been so busy and crazy in my little world. 
I am happy to present to you all another outfit post! It's been awhile since I wore my vintage tiger coat, but I'm glad I got to show it off again! I think it goes great with this look too, really compliments the color of my beautiful necklace! I just got this necklace recently and it's so gorgeous! I love the color of the stone and the way it lays perfectly. Isobel + Ezra have so many great items in their Etsy shop too...all hand made! They're definitely worth checking them out!
The first challenge for the Refinery29 contest is up!! I would really love if you all could support me and vote for me! The next challenge should be up pretty soon too...I will keep you all posted! :)
and Happy Friday!

Still Mad for Mustard

(Sweater: Roxy, Top with Collar: Vintage, Corduroys: I heart Ronson, Shoes: Vintage)

Finally an outfit post! :) I have been so busy and the weather has had a mind of its own lately, that taking outfit photos has been difficult. Today the sun was out but so was the wind, so please excuse some of the flying hairs! haha 
I have been wearing my brown corduroys so often that I decided it was time to change it up, that's when I remembered I also had a black pair! I was pleased with how well they go with my ole vintage shoes and belt too. So I think I will be wearing these even more. I'm also very happy to show off the sweater my bf got me this Christmas...isn't the color great? Adding the top with the flower collar was a great way to add a retro touch to this look also. I love how it turned out :)
I miss my hair so much! Looking at these photos, I wish I had kept my bangs the way they were. The Moptop isn't the usual mop it is...but I just keep telling myself it will grow back soon enough..

I will keep you all posted on the Refinery29 contest too!! Keep your fingers crossed ;)
ALSO, I did a little interview with Styled if you all want to learn a little more about me 
Thank you, every one of you!!

Girls will be Boys & Boys will be Girls

I'm into the jumping shots lately..
(Hat: Gift, Top: Vintage, Pants: Hudson, Shoes: Vintage)

The wind was definitely a factor today while taking photos. So I'm sorry about the lack of face shots. I'm also anxiously waiting for my bangs to grow back more, their a bit short for me now but they should be back to normal again soon...also notice I dyed my tips darker :) I think the blonde was too much for me..
It's been so long since I did a post in these pants, and I don't know why. I guess I ind of forgot how much I love them. They go with pretty much every crazy vintage top I own which is why I wore them with this one! I got this top while out thrifting awhile back. Isn't it cool? I have so many crazy printed tops, they're probably my favorite thing to buy apart from floral dresses ;)
I love wearing outfits like this too, it's sort of boyish looking. It's nice to take a break from skirts and dresses sometimes...
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I'm headed to my friend's apartment for some girl time! 
Take it easy everyone, it's Sunday!

You May Say I'm a Dreamer...

This has been one of the most hectic, exciting, and happiest week I have had in a long time. I'm terribly sorry if my outfit posts haven't been as frequent as the usually are, but I have been very busy with so many things. It's been well worth it and I have been so excited to share with you all the news! 
First off, I am super honored to again be featured on Chictopia's home page! Such a great start to my Friday :) You guys can still check it out here!
I also wanted to share with you an interview I did with the lovely Kendall of Galore, Beneath the Stars! She's quite the fashionista herself, check out her lookbook profile here...I'm sure you all will become instant fans of her! I know I am :)

AND NOW....drum roll please...
I am beyond excited to announce that I am a top five finalist in the Refinery29 Next Big Style Blogger Competition!!!!!! 
I seriously still can't believe it happened, I entered for fun...and wasn't expecting something like this to happen. It's such an amazing feeling! I wanted to thank you all for the support and thank you SOO much to those who took the time and voted for me! You guys are amazing :)
It's so surreal! 
Make sure to check it out here! 

Change is Hard

In flight jazz hands.
 (Hat: Vintage, Coat: Thrifted, Dress: Vintage, Boots: Vintage from Grannys Bootery)  

Sorry for such a long wait since my last outfit post. This week has been so hectic, details later :)
Anyways, I always talk about how I love just having a cute look I can quickly thrown on in the morning just before school. Well, this is another quick to go look, perfect for a bad hair day because of the hat ;) This dress has always been one of my favorites. Though it's 90s vintage, I love the 60s vibe it has to it, my favorite! And I love the monochromatic look it creates against my coat, too cool right? At least I think so :) I'm happy to be wearing my favorite hat again too!
I'm sure you guys can see by the photos I got my hair done! I'm in a bit of a love/hate relationship with it now. I liked the ombre hair on me but I think next time I want to go more natural with my hair color. 
Hope you are all enjoying your week!

Questions of a Thousand Dreams

(Coat: Lulus, Top: Vintage, Vest: Vintage, Pants: Bella Dahl, Shoes: Vintage)

Surprise, surprise...wearing my Bella Dahl cords again! They pretty much go with every top in my closet and they match so well with my vintage's hard not to wear them so much. Anyways, how cool is this vest?! I snagged it at a Goodwill one day and I was very excited. I love how it's floral patchwork...SO cool! It'll be great to wear in the summer with high waist shorts and a simple top, but I had to wear it sooner ;) I also love the the lace collar on the top....It's a bit hard to see, but it's so cute I think. 
Tomorrow is Valentine's day! I better get started on some things I need to make :)
Happy Happy Monday to you all! 

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