You crazy head

Despite what many may think..I LOVE this top. It's 60s vintage and I love the crazy colors and wacky print. I think that is why I'm so intrigued with fashion from the 60s. Many people wore bright colors and loud prints, and it's awesome. I got super lucky and found this top at a thrift store...for only $6!! I like to wear this outfit when I'm hanging out around the house, or if it's really hot out. These billabong pants are super light and breezy with is very nice on a summer's day. But today in  my city, we've just just got around 8 inches of snow. So I would wear something like this...especially when my school is having a snow today! I guess colleges have snow days too! ;) Happy Thursday Everyone!!!


I'm finally back! I had such an awesome time in Montana this weekend. It was a lot of fun investigating and exploring a brand new city, and laughing and meeting lots of new people. I loved searching new thrift stores for some hidden treasures, and so many people were very friendly and helpful which made the trip that much better. The first night in town my boyfriend and I had an absolutely delicious dinner at a restaurant called Famous Daves...GREAT FOOD!! Let me tell you...seriously, if you ever have an there. The mountains were so beautiful too, and all covered in a blanket of snow. That is one of my favorite things about winter and the snow. It makes everything look like an old beautiful, black and white photo. It's so breath taking. I saw a couple of moose, deer, and a big horned sheep who was in the middle of the road! I loved taking pictures of it all.
There's not very many photos of me this time, but I really hope you guys enjoy the beautiful nature photos that I took (My boyfriend took the moose photo, and the one of me taking pictures). In the last photo of me you can see the turquoise ring that I bought while I was in town. I LOVE it, and I got a great deal on it too. Also, the navajo inspired sweater I'm wearing was also purchased at a thrift store in the town as well. ;) I definitely found a couple of navajo inspired items!
 It was a winter wonderland up there, I hope to go back soon!

Navajo Overload.

Well I'm off to Montana. I just wanted to leave behind a little inspiration. There are so many cool navajo inspired things in Montana, and I love that. I've gotten a pair of moccasins there, a beaded belt, dream catchers, and some awesome jewelry. I'm very excited to visit there again and to hopefully find some more treasures. I will without a doubt be on the lookout for any navajo inspired items. 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sometimes Two Is Better Than One



Well there it is folks, my double nose piercing. So many of my friends have their nose pierced, that I decided to step outside of the box a little and do something different. I got to spend the rest of the evening celebrating a couple of friends' birthdays, feeling like a had gotten punched in the nose. But my best friend and I got our nose pierced again together, so it was nice to have someone to go with.  All in all the night was very fun, I love being surrounded by great friends. I hope you all are having a good weekend!

Let the colors flow

This giraffe shirt was a gift from my boyfriend. I think it's one of the only things he has actually picked out for me haha..but none the less he did a great job. Giraffes are my favorite animal for one, and is my favorite color. So I think he nailed it. The giraffe on the front was actually hand painted too he said. He bought it at a festival this summer in Seattle, Washington. I'm glad he was thinking about me :)
I love wearing colors that most people wouldn't think about wearing right away. But the skirt and shirt complement each other nicely I think. (Skirt: Forever21) Tomorrow...2nd nose piercing! Woot!
Thanks everyone for your support already!! 

All is grooovy

(Blouse: Vintage, Skirt: Free People, Boots: Sears Stores)

I've been trying for months, it seems like, to find something really great to wear with this 70s vintage button up blouse. So finally here it is! I remember seeing it in the store and I instantly had to have it. The material is soo soft and I absolutely adore the pattern. I feel as though I should be sitting on an old floral couch listening to fleetwood mac on vinyl when I wear this. Hahaha! I think it might be my favorite vintage piece that I own...even though my collection isn't anything too grand yet.
 I've got some very excited things coming up in my life as well too. This upcoming weekend I plan on getting a second nose piercing! ;) Just a little stud to accent my hoop.
And the following weekend, my boyfriend and I will be taking a road trip to Montana! He and a friend will be snowboarding all day while I...will be busy thrifting all day :) I'm very excited, and I've been busy saving for the last couple of weeks. I can't wait to start my treasure hunting and hopefully I'll find some things to show as well.

Hazy Shade of Winter

Sorry for the crappy, hazy picture quality on most of these :( It's hard to take pictures when you don't really know someone that will. Ha, but anyways heres my outfit for today. Also, I'm sorry if you guys are sick of the Jimi hat...but I love it too much. :) 
Happy Friday Everyone!
(Tunic: $3 sale, Hat: F21, Feather Necklace: F21, Leggings: Under Armor..for the cold weather ;), Boots: $30 at Sears!)

We are sturdust. We are golden.

Just a happy post :)

I usually work from 5-9 most week nights, and that's about the time when the sun is starting to set where I live. Tonight the trees were surrounded by vibrant oranges and pinks, and the mountains were soft purples and blues. It was absolutely astounding. I look forward to this every evening that I work. It makes me want to sit on a mountain top cuddled in a blanket with some hot tea. Ahh sorry for reminiscing about it, but I just wanted to suggest that if you're ever having a crappy day, or if you even need a little inspiration...take the time and watch the sun set. It's something that happens every day, and most people seem to pass it by.


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