I'm finally back! I had such an awesome time in Montana this weekend. It was a lot of fun investigating and exploring a brand new city, and laughing and meeting lots of new people. I loved searching new thrift stores for some hidden treasures, and so many people were very friendly and helpful which made the trip that much better. The first night in town my boyfriend and I had an absolutely delicious dinner at a restaurant called Famous Daves...GREAT FOOD!! Let me tell you...seriously, if you ever have an there. The mountains were so beautiful too, and all covered in a blanket of snow. That is one of my favorite things about winter and the snow. It makes everything look like an old beautiful, black and white photo. It's so breath taking. I saw a couple of moose, deer, and a big horned sheep who was in the middle of the road! I loved taking pictures of it all.
There's not very many photos of me this time, but I really hope you guys enjoy the beautiful nature photos that I took (My boyfriend took the moose photo, and the one of me taking pictures). In the last photo of me you can see the turquoise ring that I bought while I was in town. I LOVE it, and I got a great deal on it too. Also, the navajo inspired sweater I'm wearing was also purchased at a thrift store in the town as well. ;) I definitely found a couple of navajo inspired items!
 It was a winter wonderland up there, I hope to go back soon!


  1. you look really pretty. the ring is beautiful and the print on the sweater is great!

  2. What beautiful photographs!
    That ring is great!

  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I really appreciate the supprt - you just inspired me to post some more personal outfits :)

    I looked high and low for a bowler for so long then finally stumbled across one at a car boot sale. I was grinning for the whole day afterwards haha!

    Did you manage to get hold of some navajo in that jumper? - good find! Love the pattern and the turquoise ring. And your teeth again haha ;) xx

  4. Hi flower...amazing pictures!
    your blog is awesome.... i'll definitely come back. Thanks for following me.. i became your follower too =)

    Peace & Love

  5. Fun fact? My middle name is Montana :)

  6. Pretty pictures, it looks wonderful there! x

  7. Thanks for the comment!

    These are lovely pictures! I would love to see a moose in person. Famous Dave's is so yummy! We have one in my home town(I live in Iowa). Now I want BBQ!



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