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Ever since I got to visit New York, I've had a bit of an obsession with the city. Even though as a Northwest girl, I do love being outdoors but I there's something too about a concrete jungle that energizes me and inspires me too. Portland is obviously no comparison to the size of NYC but I love exploring downtown and seeing all the beautiful brick buildings. 
We've been so lucky with the weather here too, it's been sunny and beautiful! It's like an early Spring here so of course I've been taking up the opportunity to wear my dresses and rompers again. My favorite weather is being able to wear them but still chilly enough to need a coat. This NBD romper has a little bit of edginess to it with the sheer cut outs! We all know I love girly and edgy! Perfect for a girl who wants to stomp around downtown!

What I'm Wearing: Romper: NBD, Coat: Kate Spade Saturday, Bag: Free People, Boots: Circus by Sam Edelman


Flash Back

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With all this talk about the 70s being a huge influence on the runway and in street style, I couldn't help but get a little inspired by the 70s myself with this look! I thrifted these vintage glasses a long time ago and thought they would be the ultimate accessory for this denim romper. I feel like I should be roller skating down the sidewalk or something!
Also a HUGE thank you to Mattie Krall for taking these photos!

What I'm Wearing: Romper: Free People, Glasses: Vintage, Necklace: Free People

Sporty Greys

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You guys might not know this about me, but I was an athlete growing up and into high school (I even got offered a scholarship to do track!) So when I was younger, tennis shoes always just meant track practice or running days for soccer. I never would have thought that they would have been fashionable in an actual everyday outfit but now that I have accepted it, I've learned that I love it! I love that extra comfort and effortlessness I can add to my outfits.
I've been wanting a white faux leather skirt for so long now! They're so chic to add with a simple shirt or sneakers or to dress up. I went for a sportier look this time but I'm excited to see what else I can pair with it!

What I'm Wearing: Jacket: MissGuided, Top: Foxsie, Skirt: MissGuided, Sneakers: Saucony for Madewell, Rings: Made by me in HS!

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Moptop Musings: Tips on Blogging

IMG_8873 Starting a blog was one of the most spontaneous and best decisions I ever made. I never planned or dreamed it to become what it is and I think that is what makes it even more special. I didn't have a plan, or a guideline, or a mentor, or really anything to tell me how or what to do...I just learned as I went. So that's why I have decided to share a couple of my random, little blogging tips to hopefully help you get started on your blog or maybe just be a little guide or words of encouragement!

Let's start with the technical stuff first:

1. Take Your Photos Seriously:
This is what I believe is the ticket to a good blog! It's what represents you, so put your best photos forward ;) It took me awhile to save up to buy my first professional camera but it was so worth it. If you don't have access to a nice camera, ask around! See if you can borrow someones, or try and find a photographer to work with in your area. (That's also a great way to network!)

2. Set up Social Media Accounts:
Set up an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest...all the works, dedicated to your blog. This is a great way to keep your followers updated on your new posts!

3. Post your looks on other sites:
Lookbook and Chictopia are great places to show off your style and spread the word of your blog. I'm sure there are many other great sites as well (let me know if you know of any!) but you can always research some other sites! The internet is such a wonderful place!

4. Plan out your posts:
This is a vital thing for me. It's a way to keep your blog organized and making sure your being consistent with your posts. I usually try and plan out a day that I have off and use that time to take photos and plan some posts. Planners are perfect for this sort of thing!
blogtipsrotate Now for the motivational, heart to heart stuff!

1. Do It Because You Love It.
Ok, this might seem kind of harsh but I'm going to be totally honest. Don't start blogging because you are hoping you will be sent to fashion week on a private jet plane or to the bahamas wearing Michael Kors' new Resort Collection. That's what we all want of course, but I think a successful blog is about doing it for the right reasons. Blog because you have a strong desire to be creative, because you have a strong voice or idea that you want to share, because it's what you love. Those are the blogs that become truly successful and truly make a difference. Sounds really cliche but it's honest. (At least in my opinion)

2. Don't Get Discouraged, It Takes Time!
I remember when I first started blogging, I would actually get teased for my blog. A lot of the people in the city I used to live in didn't really understand the whole blogging thing. And I'm sure they thought I sounded really nuts when I told them that I just take photos of myself and post them on the internet. But I didn't listen to what all those people thought, I just kept blogging and just tried to do the best that I could. Slowly, with time, I started to see that more and more people were reading my blog and that is what encouraged me even more (YOU GUYS WERE MY MOTIVATION), and you will see that in time, your readers will grow as well! It doesn't happen over night. Just like anything, it takes hard work, patience, and being consistent!

3. Don't Compare Yourself To Others: This is something that is really hard to do. I find myself getting discouraged somedays and seeing how great other bloggers are and the amazing outfits they put together (especially since I'm a college student...I have a serious budget!), but what's the point? It's just a serious waste of time and energy. Instead focus your energy on what you want to do. Turn those negative thoughts into a source of inspiration and how you're going to better your next posts.

I hope this helps a little bit! I would love to get your feedback and any other questions you guys might have! I'm thinking about sharing different tips and such with these "Moptop Musings" posts! 
And good luck bloggers!

Put a Bow On It

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This has been a little motto of mine for about a week or so, mostly because I'm still loving anything with tied bows on it!
All I've seen to be wearing lately is a lot of white and black. I love to be able to pair so many different things out of my closet with having consistent colors. I'm sure once the weather heats up again, I will start to feel more adventurous with color.
On a random note, can you guys believe that Valentines Day is only a couple days away!? Ahhh! I still have to get my man a little something! Are you guys doing anything for the special day?

What I'm Wearing: Coat: Free People, Shirt: Sheinside, Shorts: Nasty Gal (similar), Boots: Circus by Sam Edelman, Bag: Free People, Watch: Daniel Wellington

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Bigger the Better

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I think it's a bit obvious to see what my go to outfit has been these past couple of months: black jeans, boots, and an oversized coat. It's even better when a coat does all the work for you. Just like shoes, a coat can make or break an outfit I think. I love that this one is oversized and that it has the buckle details to give it a bit of a moto feel. 
Another essential of mine lately....a bucket bag. I can't wait to get my hands on a real leather one. But for now this one will do just fine!

What I'm Wearing: Coat: Sheinside, Tee: Splendid, Bag: Free People, Boots: Shellys London, Rings: Vintage, Sunglasses: Spy Optics

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Little (Insta) Update

I've been buying so many plants lately, the nursery is practically my second home!

New kicks from Messeca

Sneakers have been my go-to comfy!

Just a morning walk to grab some coffee

Taking in the scenery at Trillium Lake. Oregon is so beautiful.

Typical morning essentials.

Just a small glimpse into my life lately. I've been trying to take advantage of those days off and going on little day trips. I recently went to Mt. Hood on a hike and it was absolutely beautiful. I'm always torn between my love of the outdoors and the city, which is really why I love Portland so's got both in one!
I'm ready for another busy week coming up, that's supposed to be filled with rain. I hope I can find some clear skies to let me take some photos!

Starry Eyed

IMG_8526 IMG_8534 IMG_8535 IMG_8508 IMG_8542
I'll be honest, when I saw this dress online I thought it was floral print. So when it showed up I was a little shocked to see it covered in stars...but now I'm kind of in love. It's such a nice alternative from the usual floral print and it sort of makes me feel like a kid again. And it made me branch out and try out a new print that I don't think I normally would have picked out. Lessoned learned: Never say never until you try it! (With fashion at least...)
I've also had a slight obsession with bows lately. I love having a big, loose bow on a dress or button up...makes it a little more girly! 

What I'm Wearing: Dress: Zara, Coat: BLQ Basiq, Sunglasses: Triple Graces, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Days Off

#loveuo11 #loveuo14
With school starting back up and learning new stuff at work, things have been getting pretty busy lately. So when I do have a day off, I really try to take advantage of it and give myself time to relax and refuel. My favorite thing to do is to stay in bed extra long and listen to my favorite albums (most likely The Beatles of course!) Days off are really important and I really start wanting to treat them more as an actual day off. Even if it's a little day trip out of the city, I just want to spend them doing something I genuinely enjoy.
How do you guys relax and take advantage of a day off?

Intimates: c/o Urban Outfitters 


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