Lots of Dots

(Dress: c/o Solilor, Belt: Vintage, Bracelets: c/o Guanabana, Bag: c/o Leather Satchel Co.)

One of my favorite prints to wear besides floral, is polka dot! I think it's so fun to wear and can even be fun mixed with floral too :) Green is my favorite color, so a green polka dotted dress is pretty dreamy to me. I love dresses like these too because they're super easy to accessorize with just a cute bag and belt. A cute and easy look is always great for summer. 

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Retro Black & White Floral Top

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For Old Times Sake

(Top: Romwe, Bag, skirt, sandals: Vintage)

I cannot explain how much I love this skirt. I found it while out thrifting one day, and it used to be floor length. But I cut it into a mini and I'm in love with it now. It's so versatile, and since it's jean it pretty much goes with everything. I've been loving the whole 'button-up skirt' thing lately and I'm happy to have found one myself. 

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She Makes Her Own Rules

(Skirt: Free People, Bag: Vintage, Top: Vintage and for sale in my shop!)

I don't think there should be any rules in fashion. Wearing darks in the summertime....why not?
I found this bag the other day while thrifting and I'm in love! I've been having some really great luck lately with finding great bags. I hope the luck continues ;)
Cropped tops are one of my favorite things to wear in the summer, and they're fun to mix and match with different shorts and skirts. 

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Sweet Summer & Lulus.com

(Cardigan: c/o Sheinside, Dress: c/o Lulus, Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Asos, Necklaces: Forever 21)

I've never been more in love with a dress until now.
I have pretty much been sleeping in this dress, I never want to take it off. It goes with so many things and I absolutely adore the little cut outs. Every girl needs a little black dress, right? I'm happy to say I've found mine :) This cardigan has been perfect for summer nights. It's obviously not something I want to wear during the hot day, but it's great for sunset watching or evening lake lounging.
And I LOVE this bag that I thrifted while on my trip to Montana. I can't believe I found this little gem. I've been getting so lucky finding bags like these...and it was only five bucks! Ya...no joke. I was on cloud nine for a good twenty to thirty minutes after I found it.
Happy Monday all you lovely people :)

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Time For a Change

I've been thinking a lot lately. Thinking about different things and circumstances in my life. Things that I can control and can't control, things that don't really matter and things that matter most. And through all this thinking I've realized the most important of all of those things are the things in my life that I can control. If I don't like something about my life or situation, for the most part I can change it for the better.  I am the ultimate decider of what I want to do on a certain day, how I want my outlook to be, if I want to be sad or happy. So why wouldn't I automatically choose the thing that would make me happiest? And that's where all this thinking has gotten me. I want to change that about me. I really want to make an effort in making myself the happiest. It seems a bit selfish, but I think when you have figured out how to make yourself truly happy then it's easier to make others around you happy too. I don't really know what the ultimate outcome will be, but at this point I think it's best for me and that's what I need.

Just some thoughts and confessions for this Sunday.


I'm back from my little surprise, mid-week getaway! I had such a great time on the trip, I wish I was still there. The secret trip my boyfriend planned for me ended up being in Missoula, Montana! I absolutely love going anywhere in Montana, it's such a beautiful and peaceful state to visit. And of course, as promised, I took lots of random photos to show you guys our little adventure :)

It's pretty much ritual to stop at the 50,000 Silver Dollar Gift shop. I've been going there since I was a kid, back when it used to be 10,000 Silver Dollar. 
I picked up some cool bracelets as always, and few other nick-nacks.

On day two of the trip, we pitched a tent in my boyfriend's friends' back yard. They had such a unique house, and I guess their house is a host for couch surfing as well. Which let's whoever is passing through to sleep on their couch for free instead of spending money on a hotel room. Pretty cool I think. 
And they even have a pop machine that dispenses beer instead of pop!!
Here are some snap shots of their humble abode:
Relaxing out on their porch with the best summer ale I've had.

A great part about Missoula was that we could walk to pretty much all of our destinations! Eventually I'd love to live somewhere with that privilege. 

I had some BOMB huckleberry ice cream here.

The best part of the trip was definitely when I stumbled upon this poster at a record shop. I didn't really know why we were taking this random road trip, but my boyfriend had secretly bought us tickets to see Youth Lagoon! I was so surprised and thrilled that he had planned this all for me :) I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw this sign and it all clicked. 

I couldn't leave the record shop without buying a few vinyls for myself, one including the Beatles White Album!

And of course we had to go thrifting :)

What a trip what a trip! I won't ever forget it :) On the way back from Montana, we stopped in Idaho and did a little bit of river floating! It was a perfect way to end the trip and spend time relaxing under the sun. 
What can I say....I'm a pretty lucky girl :)

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