I'm back from my little surprise, mid-week getaway! I had such a great time on the trip, I wish I was still there. The secret trip my boyfriend planned for me ended up being in Missoula, Montana! I absolutely love going anywhere in Montana, it's such a beautiful and peaceful state to visit. And of course, as promised, I took lots of random photos to show you guys our little adventure :)

It's pretty much ritual to stop at the 50,000 Silver Dollar Gift shop. I've been going there since I was a kid, back when it used to be 10,000 Silver Dollar. 
I picked up some cool bracelets as always, and few other nick-nacks.

On day two of the trip, we pitched a tent in my boyfriend's friends' back yard. They had such a unique house, and I guess their house is a host for couch surfing as well. Which let's whoever is passing through to sleep on their couch for free instead of spending money on a hotel room. Pretty cool I think. 
And they even have a pop machine that dispenses beer instead of pop!!
Here are some snap shots of their humble abode:
Relaxing out on their porch with the best summer ale I've had.

A great part about Missoula was that we could walk to pretty much all of our destinations! Eventually I'd love to live somewhere with that privilege. 

I had some BOMB huckleberry ice cream here.

The best part of the trip was definitely when I stumbled upon this poster at a record shop. I didn't really know why we were taking this random road trip, but my boyfriend had secretly bought us tickets to see Youth Lagoon! I was so surprised and thrilled that he had planned this all for me :) I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw this sign and it all clicked. 

I couldn't leave the record shop without buying a few vinyls for myself, one including the Beatles White Album!

And of course we had to go thrifting :)

What a trip what a trip! I won't ever forget it :) On the way back from Montana, we stopped in Idaho and did a little bit of river floating! It was a perfect way to end the trip and spend time relaxing under the sun. 
What can I say....I'm a pretty lucky girl :)


  1. LOVE your pics!beautiful sandals and hat.oh all these jewlery are awesome!!!

  2. Wonderful photos, looks like such a great place, all that jewellery is gorgeous!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! And what a great boyfriend for surprising you! Can't wait to see your new jewelry and whatever you thrifted! <3


  4. Aww looks like such an amazing trip! Your boyfriend sounds lush for doing all of this for you! So romantic! Can you get him to have a word with mine ;) Haha!

  5. NO WAY! I used to go to the 10,000 Silver Dollar Store ALL THE TIME! I grew up in Coeur d'Alene and we used to pass by there on road trips. That place is like heaven. So much cool stuff! I'm so jealous!

  6. cute hat. x


  7. Beautiful photos! I love your hat :)

  8. You're so cute! *3*
    The dress is beautiful, and sexy. Where did you found it?
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  9. awwwww. thats so sweet, love the silver things ,, i wantttt ... lovely bracelets, the place looks awesome.. lovely trip u had


  10. Wow, this brings back memories. My family drove through a lot of these spots while we were in Montana as a kid.

  11. aw! looks like so much fun. thrifting with husbie is one of my favorite dates. and your hat? so darling!



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