I love dressing up every year, it's soo much fun! I was really hoping on being a Beatlemania girl but I couldn't find myself a british flag dress at all! So possibly next year. I also had two costumes this year, this is one and I was also a 60s mod girl :) I'm wearing this tonight at work while I pass out candy! :) It's so cute to see all the little kids dressed up, I kind of wish I was 8 again. 
I hope you all had a great weekend! I definitely did but it's time to start focusing on school again!

I Always Hoped You'd Never Want to Forget..

(Dress & Belt: Forever 21, Jacket: Vintage FOR SALE HERE!!)

I've decided to put my lovely fringe jacket up for sale. I love the fringe and the cool detailing on the back, but I don't wear it enough so I feel it should go to someone else who would get great use of it! I love finding great funky coats, they have been my favorite accessory lately. And there are a few up for sale in my etsy store as well if you're in need of a great coat/blazer for the season! I also have to mention my awesome belt! I absolutely love it, perfect bohemian accessory too :)
I'm really looking forward to dressing up for Halloween this weekend. So much has been on my mind and I'm ready to have a good time with my friends. My brain has been flooded with thoughts of life and change and it's time to take a break from it all. Things will look up eventually though, I just have to be optimistic :) Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

I'm Just Following the Rays of the Sun

(Hat: Forever 21, Jacket: Vintage, Dress: VINTAGE-BUY NOW!, Tights: Ripped DIY)

I'm sort of loving the fall weather but I am missing being able to wear dresses. Sometimes tights and leggings don't cut it for warmth but if there are any signs of sun..I take advantage of it and wear my dresses :) I also really love bright colors and crazy prints especially with all black accessories. And of course what else is better than an acid wash jean jacket? I was so excited when I scored this Levis coat. I think I need to start investing in a pair of cute boots and another pair of nice pants, since summer is gone no matter how much I want to deny it...when it comes to outfits. (BUY MY DRESS HERE!)
I hope you are all enjoying the week so far. Thank you so much for all of your support and wonderful comments! I couldn't be happier with how far The Moptop has come from the beginning. I have really been trying to put a lot of effort into it lately, especially with my life right now it really helps to get my mind off of things. So thanks so much to you all, you are all amazing <3

Just Take What You Need & Leave The Rest

(Dress: BUY NOW at The MoptopVintage, Belt: Nordstrom, Socks: Forever 21, Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Le Bunny Bleu)

Here is a casual and very comfy outfit to lounge around the house and possibly do my school work in. I love being cozy at home when Im working on homework, it seems to make it that much easier to do. This look seems very thrown on and borrowing clothes from you boyfriend, though I don't have one...I still love an effortlessly cool look. Tall socks are also a must have for the fall!
I updated my etsy shop, The Moptop Vintage...so make sure to check it out and shop!!

Baby, She Will Never Be Like Me..

(Coat: Vintage, Top: Market HQ, Skirt: Free People, Socks: Thrifted)

Just as I mentioned in the previous post, I have two sides to my style. And here again is the 60s rock and roll side. I'm also very excited to show off my tiger stripe coat :) I bought it for 16$ at this really great vintage store! There was some left over things in the pockets and inside was a coupon from 1978, so rad!! It gives me a better estimate of when the coat was made, and it's always fun to find cool stuff like that. I plan to wear this coat with my costume on Halloween too, and of course I'll have photos when the times comes as well.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone & another shout out to all of my lovely readers. You guys really make my day and blogging wouldn't be as enjoyable without you guys :)


(All items are vintage, except thrifted belt)

SO if you hadn't already noticed, I sort of have two sides to my style. One is very rock and roll/60s mod inspired with just random edgy pieces thrown into the mix. But the other side is very vintage, sweet and somewhat girly. I love mixing them all together and sometimes one stands out more than the other. I have been finding so many great coats lately that I want to sell but I end up falling in love with them myself that I can't part with them! This 70s coat was a lucky find that I grabbed while at my favorite thrift store last week. The color is great especially since I have been needing a coat to go with all of my browns and whites of my wardrobe. I also love skirts or dresses with pockets, and this skirt is fully equipped :)
I also wanted to announce that I was featured on Scarveswraps.com and I hope you all decide to check it out! 
And I was also featured on Trendcias.com for my outfit in the previous post, one of my favorite outfits of mine lately :) I would love for you to check them both out and let me know what you think.
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Heartbreaker, Your Time Has Come.

(CropTop: DIY from Ebay, Belt & Pants: Thrifted, Boots: Sears, Hat: Forever21)

I felt it necessary to post an outfit with my LedZep top because I was on the radio yesterday. It's not that big of a deal but it's usually so hard to get through on the radio to request a song...but I got through! I decided to choose the song Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin and not only did she play my song but she even played another Led Zeppelin song for me :) I was excited and it was a little weird to hear my voice on the radio too. That's my story :)
I love this outfit though...it's got a 60's edgy/grunge vibe to it that I'm really in love with lately. These pants are perfect colored and I have yet to find more great high waisted cords like these. I'm also on the lookout for a great Jimi Hendrix tee if any of you come across one on the web, let me know! 
And here is my Led Zeppelin radio request...hear it for yourself ;)

Forest Florals

(Top: TJ Maxx, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Vintage)

Surprise surprise..more floral print on my outfit! Longer skirts are more appropriate lately since it's been kind of chilly where Im at. Even though this skirt is sheer, I can't help but want to wear things like this even when it's cold out. In outfits like these I feel like I should be sitting in the middle of the forest reading a book or something..hahah Don't ask why. Just a quick post today. I'm about to carve pumpkins and have a good time with my friends :)


(Jacket: Obey, Dress/Scarf/Socks: Forever 21)

LOTS of photos in this post! 
I seriously think I have a bad obsession with floral dresses. They are my favorite! I found this one the other day while looking around Forever 21. I instantly fell in love with the colors, the very subtle ruffles, and of course...the back of it! Even though I have a lot of floral dresses, they all are unique in their own way. I guess there are a lot of worse obsessions to have...
I hope every single one of you is having a great weekend. I'm hoping to do something fun tonight, since I really need it. Im also considering getting a tattoo. I never thought I would get one, since I was ok with my two nose piercings. But one of my good friends is a tattoo artist, so I might cave in! Ahh, wish me luck and have a wonderful Saturday :)


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