I'm Just Following the Rays of the Sun

(Hat: Forever 21, Jacket: Vintage, Dress: VINTAGE-BUY NOW!, Tights: Ripped DIY)

I'm sort of loving the fall weather but I am missing being able to wear dresses. Sometimes tights and leggings don't cut it for warmth but if there are any signs of sun..I take advantage of it and wear my dresses :) I also really love bright colors and crazy prints especially with all black accessories. And of course what else is better than an acid wash jean jacket? I was so excited when I scored this Levis coat. I think I need to start investing in a pair of cute boots and another pair of nice pants, since summer is gone no matter how much I want to deny it...when it comes to outfits. (BUY MY DRESS HERE!)
I hope you are all enjoying the week so far. Thank you so much for all of your support and wonderful comments! I couldn't be happier with how far The Moptop has come from the beginning. I have really been trying to put a lot of effort into it lately, especially with my life right now it really helps to get my mind off of things. So thanks so much to you all, you are all amazing <3


  1. that dress i so cute and fun, doll. peace


  2. That dress is amazing!!!! omg. Im going to have to seriously consider buying it. Great find!!!

  3. This outfit is gorgeous. Loving the almost shredded tights! xx

  4. love the summeryness of the dress, makes me feel happy! I also love the ripped/laddered tights, inspired and totally hot xx

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  5. That dress is so great! Oh my gosh! And the tights are so cool

  6. Great look, love the dress, it's gorgeous!


  7. i've always wanted a hat like urs, but i've never found it
    love the dress so colorfull
    i'm a new follower i hope to hear more from u

  8. cute flowery dress! and nice hat too!

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  9. My word...if we were the same size I wouldn't hesitate for a second in buying that dress! It's amazing! Love how you accessorized it :) Still keeping your edge even with a bright summery dress like that haha.


  10. Cute dress! Love the black & color mix-up :)

  11. Love the dress!

    Saltos de Cristal

  12. oh wow cute dress love love how you styled it.

    J x

  13. WOW :) I've never scene someone wear a jean jacket quiet like you! Hands down the best doing it. you look absouletly stunning in this out fit and the floral pattern is ridiculously awesome. just beautiful. So tonight im going to be george harrison so hopefully there will be some beatlemania woman chasing me around :) and helping me win the best costume contest!! Text me later today if you see this, it would be great to hear from you. possibly lunch?

  14. I love your outfits ~ they are simply gorgous and simple. also the inspiration from the sixties, love it!

    i was wondering if maybe you could post how you ripped your tights?
    i have some i would really like to do that too!
    if you could message me on my ask on tumblr that would be lovely♥



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