No Quarter

(Cape/Cardi: Vintage, Top: American Apparel, Necklace: Luv by the Moon, Shorts: Vintage)

Cropped tops and high waist shorts are what I live in when the weather gets nice. And when the weather just isn't nice enough, I love to throw on a light weight cardigan like this floral one! It helps cover a little more too, especially with a cropped top. I found this at Goodwill a couple months ago and I was so excited! I love the mix of floral and geometric print...super funky :)
I can't wait for the real summer weather to arrive!

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Jean and Lace

 (Top: Nordstrom, Skirt & Socks: c/o Chicnova, Boots: Vintage)

Just a short and sweet post due to the rainy weather we've been having lately! 
One of my favorite combos together is jean and lace...throw a little floral print into the mix and you have a dreamy spring outfit! These socks are such a perfect touch of color, especially with my usual neutral toned outfits. 
Also just a quick tip, if you plan on buying this skirt...SIZE UP. It's extremely small. I love jean skirts, but I like to be able to walk normally too. 

Happy Monday to you all! 

Northern Sky

(Dress: c/o BooHoo, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Hat: Vintage)

Mixing paisley and floral print together, and I am in love. I love the classic bohemian feel to this dress, and it is incredibly comfortable! I had so much fun prancing around in this field and taking photos. And I love when an outfit matches a location perfectly :) 

Happy Friday everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful boyfriend, Leo!!

The White Pepper - Summer 2013 Issue

I'm very excited to announce that I am featured in The White Pepper's new Summer 2013 Collection Issue! I am quite the fan of The White Pepper so this is such an honor! They're photos and pieces are always inspiring and I am obsessed with the new issue too! If you haven't checked them out, I highly recommend doing so. And if you happen to snag the new issue, check out page 52! Check out their site, here!

Thanks again!


(Hat: Forever 21, Top: American Apparel, Skirt: ShopAKIRA, Shoes: Urban Outfitters)

Another one of my recent obsessions: high waisted skirts. 
I have been obsessed with cropped tops and high waisted skirts lately. I think they're perfect for the summer and they're kind of like wearing high waisted shorts...but just a little cuter! This top has been the perfect accessory for all of my skirts. It's such an easy piece to throw it on with a cute skirt. I'm absolutely in love with this skirt too! The colors are so beautiful and I love that it looks like a watercolor painting. It almost reminds me of tie dye, but a hundred times better! 

Happy Monday to you all! I will be posting a lot more this week, as long as the weather cooperates! ;)

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Rose Garden

My boyfriend and I went to the rose gardens at Washington Park the other day and it was absolutely beautiful. It almost felt like I was in a dream or a fairy tale. I've never seen so many roses in my life and so many different types and colors. Did you know there are lilac colored roses?! I had no idea! I definitely recommend taking a trip to this place if you're ever in the Portland area.

Just a little post for the day, the rain decided it had other plans for me other than taking outfit photos...

Hope your week is wonderful so far!
Some photos from my Instagram: @themoptop

Night Moves

(Floral Duster: For Sale at KooKooKachoo Vintage, Dress: ZooShoo, Boots: Shoe Mint)

This outfit is a bit reminiscent of the 90s I think. 
I love wearing maxi dresses as a duster too. It's just another great alternative to add some color or print to a little black dress like this. Even though the cut outs in this dress make a bit of a statement, I love the pop of color the duster adds with it. Plus it's so flowy and fun to wear! I'm sure you guys know my little obsession with socks too ;) I think these lace trimmed ones are adorable!
Happy Monday, and remember to enter the Sheinside giveaway!

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Weekend Update!

You know when you've had your eye on a particular item of clothing and you finally buy it!? 
I am very pleased. 

A night out with my favorite guy <3

I always try and stop to smell the roses. Portland is filled with them! 

A perfect summer outfit of vintage clothing from my shop, KooKooKachoo vintage

My boyfriend took me to breakfast and it was delicious!! 


 OBSESSED with my new nautical vintage top! <3

Getting ready to take outfit photos 

When I'm editing photos or working on my shop, I like to listen to my albums 

Twirling at work! 

My perfect paisley dress from

Midday Strolls.

Just some snap shots from the past couple of weeks! 
All from my Instagram feed. Follow me if you'd like! :) 

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