In the morning, when you rise.

My dad called me at 7 this morning, telling me to go outside. He knows I like to take pictures, and he said it was so clear out that you could see the moon perfectly. Well he was definitely right. I'm pretty sure the bright light above the moon is Venus! How cool is that? Even though it was negative 2 degrees out, and I had just woken up from my nice warm, cozy was well worth it.

Day One.

Welcome everyone to my very first blog, The Moptop! Woot :D I hope to bring a little delight to someone's day, besides my own of course. This is going to be a bit of a learning experience for me, so please bear with me. The Beatles are my all time favorite. They are so inspiring in both art and in fashion which is how I decided on the name Moptop. And of course my very first post is dedicated to them. 
Below are a few songs that I highly recommend. The Beatles are now available on itunes too, so check them out!

Lovely Rita- The Beatles
Dig A Pony- The Beatles
Got to Get You into My Life- The Beatles

I'm really not much of a writer so most likely this blog will be packed full of pictures and all things I believe are beautiful and should not be missed. Enjoy :)


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