Day One.

Welcome everyone to my very first blog, The Moptop! Woot :D I hope to bring a little delight to someone's day, besides my own of course. This is going to be a bit of a learning experience for me, so please bear with me. The Beatles are my all time favorite. They are so inspiring in both art and in fashion which is how I decided on the name Moptop. And of course my very first post is dedicated to them. 
Below are a few songs that I highly recommend. The Beatles are now available on itunes too, so check them out!

Lovely Rita- The Beatles
Dig A Pony- The Beatles
Got to Get You into My Life- The Beatles

I'm really not much of a writer so most likely this blog will be packed full of pictures and all things I believe are beautiful and should not be missed. Enjoy :)


  1. Nice: style, photos, blog!

  2. read you whole blog babe! love it !!

    newest follower !!

    xox Effy



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