I'm Alone, On a Bicycle For Two

(Bag: Thrifted, Top: Forever 21, Dress: Thrifted, Boots: Friends')

Here I go again, layering a top over a dress. My favorite thing to do these days. It's super comfy to wear to school and cute as well :) I love the crazy color combination of this look as well too. It's a little out of the ordinary...which I love. This look just goes to show what great things you can find at thrift stores too!  I am seriously so glad this week has pretty much come to an end. It has probably been one of the worst I've had in a long while. I think a hot bubble bath, wine, and some good vinyls are much needed right about now. Happy Friday and guess what......

I Was Made For You

(Hat & Velvet dress: Forever 21, Top: Vintage, Boots: Sears)

What an eventful week I have had. I got in a car accident today :( An 8 car pile up on the freeway while I was headed for school. Luckily, no one was hurt and even though my car is pretty messed up..I'm glad I walked away ok. Nothing like a car crash to start off a day. I know things will start to look up eventually. 
As far as my outfit goes, I decided to try the whole tied top look, and heres my spin on it. I love the bright colors in this top, so fun to wear with black too. And I broke out my black hat again! It's been awhile since I've worn it in my outfit posts. Also, I made a Facebook page for The Moptop so make sure to like if you get the chance!
We're so close to 500 followers!! :D Have a good day everyone!

There are Things Known & There are Things Unknown

(Jacket: Thrifted/Vintage, Top: Thrifted, Belt: Forever 21, Pants: Hudson)

Those of you who are familiar with music and culture from the 60s will probably have a good idea who I was inspired by in this look. Not so familiar? Well, Jim Morrison from the Doors had a great sense of style and rocker swag back in his day. I was told he even wore his leather pants in the summer time. His bohemian/hippie/rocker style was so good and I have without a doubt been influenced by what he wore. Though I have to be honest, I'm not the biggest Doors fan (with an exception from a few great songs) but I still have to say what a fashion icon he was and still is today. I found this wonderful fringe jacket the other day at a thrift store and I was soo excited. I love the fringe and it's a size small...score! It'll be interesting to see what else I find to wear it with. It's not the easiest thing to style with, but I guess it'll be one of those treasure pieces. :)

Days Are Just Drops In the River

(Dress: Mink Pink)

Just some more snap shots that my friend Emma Vidmar took of me. You can check out her page by clicking HERE!
I also just wanted to announce that I have made a Facebook page for The Moptop! I would love your guys's support, if you could take the time to like my page that would be wonderful :)
Thanks so much and have a lovely Monday!

Time & Time Again.

(Scarf: Forever 21, Dress: Thrifted, Bag: Vintage, Boots: Nine West)

This has been my favorite outfit to wear as of recently. I love this dress so much and I love to see what I can mix and match it with. This outfit is also perfect for the beginning of fall, not too cold and not too layered. These boots are actually borrowed from my friend, and I am in love with them. I tried to convince her to sell them too me, but it hasn't worked out yet! Haha So if any of you see boots like these online somewhere, let me know! ( I the flat sole)
I also wanted to make an exciting announcement. Yesterday I was featured on Chictopia's homepage!!! It has been my goal to be on the homepage and I finally did it! :)
Hope you are all enjoying the weekend, don't have too much fun ;)

Autumn Chestnut

(Top: Forever21, Scarf: H&M, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Free People, Shoes: Sears, Backpack: Thrifted)

I'm loving all the autumn colors that are starting to appear everywhere, and the colors are also so fun to wear! I'm loving rust, burnt oranges, dark blue, tan, brown, black...it all screams a perfect fall look to me.  I also suckered in and bought another crop top from Forever 21. This yellow/chestnut colored one is just like the dark green one I wore in the previous post. They are so soft and perfect for layering, a must have if I say so myself :)
School is actually going well so far. I'm loving my drawing class and I can't wait to see what else is in store. I have also finally gotten a tripod for my camera!! Now I can take photos in some cool places that I couldn't by myself before. Have a lovely weekend everyone :D

Back to the Grind..

(Backpack: Thrifted, Top: Forever 21, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Handed Down, Shoes: Wanted)

Today is my first day of school for year number two of college. After this year I hope to have my A.A. and that means I am that much closer to getting my Bachelor's! It isn't going to be easy getting up early again and driving all the way to my school, but this is just another stepping stone that will get me to where I want to be! Good luck also to those of you who are enrolled in school, the best of wishes!
Since I am headed back to school, I felt it appropriate to show of my adorable backpack/purse. Even though I know I won't be able to fit all of my books in it, but it is a great accessory for school. I finally have also worn a skirt, instead of layering over a dress...crazy huh?! ;) I'm also in love with this crop tee from Forever 21. I think I'm going to check there again and see if I can stock up on other colors as well!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!!

Leaves That Are Green, Turn to Brown.

(Romper: Vintage, Belt: Free People, Purse: Thrifted, Shoes: Vintage)

Another thing I am going to miss this summer is rompers! Though I haven't worn many, there are a few that are so cute and fun to wear. Lucky for you guys, you can buy this romper in my etsy store! For those of you who won't have to take the cold weather, I hope someone will adore this romper just like I have!
I cannot believe that I have almost got to 500 followers!! I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you who continue to read and support me, I love you all!

Those Suede Days

(Top:Vintage, Necklace & Shorts: Forever21, Sandals, Thrifted)

Where has the summer gone to?? The days are starting to be filled with clouds, wind, and rain. So it's almost time to say goodbye to shorts :( But as a goodbye to summer I decided to post a summer outfit, and I'm sure there might be a few more. I love these suede shorts from Forever 21, they are so interesting. Even though sometimes I feel like a pirate in them, I like the little bohemian vibe they put off.  Also, here is my new favorite necklace! It's a little hard to see in the photos, but I get so many compliments on it..it's gorgeous! And of course, the last photo I'm with my sweet Kitkat! I love her so much, isn't she adorable!?
I got back to school on Wednesday, and I don't really know if I'm excited or nervous. I really am not looking forward to getting into a different routine rather than the easy laid back summer routine I'm used to. I will be taking a drawing class, and that I'm VERY excited for. It will be interesting how my drawing skills are in the collegiate level... 
I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing Sunday ;) Thanks to all my readers too! We've almost made it to 500!!! 

Velvet Feather

(Velvet Dress: Betsey Johnson, Top: Vintage, Belt: Thrifted, Boots: Sears)

Here is the Betsey Johnson dress that I scored awhile back for $3 at a yard sale! How awesome, right? I love that it's velvet and it fits me perfectly. Another outfit of me layering tops over dresses! I'm sure some of you might get tired of them, but I LOVE wearing them. This top was given to me from my mom. I love the little feathers on it. What could be better than a vintage, cropped top with feathers on it!? Thanks mom :)
I have been so busy lately with getting ready for school, hanging with friends, and taking photos with my film camera. Yesterday, I even played my trombone for the first time in 3 years. I played the trombone in band for 6 years, and I decided I want to start playing again. So I'm excited for that. 
Now, Im about to leave for the county fair! Hopefully I will get some photos on film to show you all.
I would love you all to check out my new photos on Flickr! CLICK HERE

I can hear the whisper of Autumn


I'm loving all things Free People for the fall! I love all of the warm colors they have been using like dark blues, burnt orange/rust, dark mint, and peach! So many great pieces have been added to their collection recently that it's hard to decide what I want to get for myself this fall. I have had my eyes on the dark blue cords for awhile now, so I think those will most likely be my first choice. Funky colored jeans are so perfect for fall I think. I can't wait to get my first pair!
Well I actually had a really great time at the Maroon5/Train concert, even though I wasn't feeling to sure about it. Adam Levine is a great singer and he is so talent and fun to watch. My best friend was so excited for the concert so I'm glad I got to go with. And of course we shopped in Seattle before the show. I wish Free People and H&M were closer to home :/
Have a great week all :)


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