Anjolee Jewelry- Ring Review

I received this incredible Anniversary ring from Anjolee Jewelry! I got to pick out which design I wanted for the ring and also which stone to have in the center. Since I am not getting married anytime soon, I decided to picked Topaz because it's very similar to my birthstone. I think it makes my hand look a lot prettier too, since I like to chew my nails. The ring came in this cute little box with a bow on top of course too! :) This is a perfect time to get an engagement ring, just in time for summer weddings!  Anjolee has a great website that's so easy to figure out as well too. Or for Christmas, these rings are great as gifts too. When I was younger my Dad bought me a promise ring that I still have to this day. These rings would be perfect for promise rings as well. Even for fashion purposes such as stacking rings, these rings from Anjolee are great for that. And of course anniversaries! They have a wide selection of anniversary rings that are absolutely stunning and affordable for everyone. Check out the selection of diamond anniversary rings!
Overall...this ring is gorgeous! I really have no complaints other than how it is displayed in the box. I wish that when I had opened the brown box, the ring would have been facing up instead of downwards. Other than that I am so pleased in this beautiful ring! THANKS AGAIN ANJOLEE!


  1. It's absolutely beautiful! :) Great choice on the stone. I don't own any simple rings like that but I'd love to; perfect for stacking.

    Castle Fashion

  2. haha yeah you're right Since not getting married soon, rather to pick a birthstone's...perfect for you!!
    sparkling so sweet

  3. Such a gorgeous ring! I really like the topaz. Like you I tend to chew my nails so I always try to wear a pretty ring to distract people from them haha :)

    <3 Shawna



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