Sundays are always when I like to take the time to relax and wind down after a long week. This always helps me get prepared for the week ahead. I love drinking my coffee, having Sunday breakfast, rocking in my favorite chair, and listening to some great music as a way to relax. What do you guys like to do on Sundays?
My boyfriend and I went to a community garage sale on Saturday, and even though it was rainy and windy....I found some cool stuff!

Wishing it was feeling more like summer so I could wear some great vintage dresses! This one and these sandals are for sale in my shop, KooKooKachoo Vintage! :)

Sipping on some coffee, always a must <3

Still dreaming of those summer days filled with iced coffee

New purchases I'm loving! Bob Dylan wrote a book! And I'm reading it :)

I'll leave you guys with a few of my favorite tunes as of lately:
40 Mark Strasse - The Shins
You're A Wolf - Sea Wolf
Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye
I Want You - Bob Dylan
Cannons - Youth Lagoon
From the Morning - Nick Drake

All photos from my instagram, follow me: themoptop
Have a magical Sunday :)


  1. Ah I love Bob Dylan! :)
    I love relaxing on Sundays - drinking coffees, drawing and reading a good book. But I do wish the weather was warmer so I could do all that in the sun!
    I love your coffee cup and blouse, it's adorable xoxo

  2. Such lovely dreamy images, those garage sale finds are amazing!

  3. A magical find! That jean jacket is so cute! And I love the purse. Come down to Fresno, CA. It's going to be 101 two days in a row this week. :) Glad you're having a great weekend! <3


  4. I love your photos!! Your shoes and peach blouse are gorgeous!

  5. great post! love all your finds

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  6. Your Sunday's seem perfect. I long for relaxing Sundays. Im a teacher and always seem to spend my Sunday doing lessons plans, marking and assessment! X

  7. That denim jacket is awesome! I am the exact same way when it comes to Sundays. I spend most of mine reading Kerouac and drinking coffee.

    Also, Bob Dylan's book is on my list of books to read! How is it so far?

  8. ahhh i have that same fleetwood mac album! love it so much.

  9. We had a garage sale here and it was so windy and rainy too! Ha, glad some people came out though.
    Anyway, cute dress in the shop. I'll have to check it out :)

    Enter to win a $40 gift voucher to Ministry of Retail!
    Trendy Teal

  10. I have been celebrating graduation alllll weekend, so a lazy Sunday is definitely in need right now! So far it has been spent drinking coffee, eating pie, and watching What Not to Wear with my roommate all afternoon. Just what the doctor ordered. ;)
    xo Charity |

    1. What a wonderful Sunday! I have been watching reruns of What Not to Wear like crazy lately. I love it!
      Congrats on graduation! :)

  11. hey!
    love fletwood Mac!
    and love your vintage denim dress!

    kiss from Spain

  12. love that first photo alot!! nice finds :)

  13. Dress, shoes, sox :) Yes i like it :)

  14. Great look, dear~!
    Love your dress and shoes - I need to buy the same one ASAP~!
    I saw some of your looks and I really like your style~!
    It would be great if we follow each other )
    Let me know in my blog if you like the idea~
    Have a good fashionable day~!


  15. Coffee and donuts at the markets is my favourite Sunday morning activity :D Or getting crepes or pancakes for breakfast. Something scrumptious and (usually) unhealthy, and the great music that's always playing there pretty much completes the picture - not too dissimilar to you! :D Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  16. Hi, love!
    I found your blog very interesting and I think you do a great job! A lot of inspiration for myself!!!

    I would like to keep in touch with you. Would you like to follow each other blog on GFC and Bloglovin?

    Lots of love,

  17. great post! love your style xoxo

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  19. My lazy mornings consist of sitting on my couch in my kimono, drinking coconut vanilla black tea! Also, you have great taste in music! I can't get enough Youth Lagoon.

  20. Hi , I love your shoes and I think that we have the same taste of music ! yaaaay


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  22. I am also dreaming about summer days with hot sunshine and sandy beaches...:) But London is nothing close to giving that to me :)))



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