My First Ever Blogger Meet Up!

(Dress & Scarf: Forever 21, Boots & Coat: Vintage)

I'm so so so excited about this post! Yesterday, I was lucky enough to meet another style blogger for the first time! The adorable girl in the photo next to me is Maggie of Lifesize Paper Doll, and without a doubt one of the nicest, sweetest people I've ever met. Maggie just so happened to be visiting close to where I live and we were able to met up for coffee and I seriously had a great time. I've never met another blogger like this before so at first I was kinda of nervous! hahaa But I had a blast, and of course like bloggers would do...we were able to snap some photos :) She's such a talented photographer, so I'm so grateful for the opportunity. I can't wait to hangout with her again!!


  1. Awh! You two are so cute!
    I want to meet up with a blogger,
    but I haven't had the chance. Plus, I know I would be nervous too.

  2. That's such a perfect outfit for fall! I'm in love!
    You matched everything perfectly! You're an inspiration <3


  3. Aw I love this! And I love your outfit, especially your boots! Perfect fall outfit. :)
    xo, Tori

  4. aw!! LUCKY ducks!! Maggie was one of the first style blogs I read. :D

  5. LOVE what you wore! That brown coat goes swell with the floral dress and the brown tone scarf over top :) Super jealous of your blogger meetup! I've yet to have one :)

  6. You two are so adorable! Super glad you guys met up, otherwise I may not have ever found your blog. So thanks Maggie for linking me, yay! Loving it so far, will defo be reading more! x

  7. I have to state the obvious. You are both extremely adorable!
    I would be honored to meet up with either of you lovely ladies! You have always been one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to style and one of my favorite blogs to read. I am so glad you posted this because I am now following Maggie's blog as well! I am glad you girls had fun. Great pictures :)

  8. Aw cute! I want to meet bloggers!

    xo Jennifer

  9. I'm meeting my first blogger friend in the next month - totally stoked for it!

    You two are adorable, love your outfit!


  10. You both look very pretty and cute! It's nice to meet other bloggers :)

  11. Aw, that's so awesome you finally had a blogger meet up! Won't lie, I'm pretty jealous. That'd be such a fantastic experience :)
    You both look adorable. I love her mix of a yellow lace dress and maroon tights.
    Your earthy look is gorgeous for fall too. Love that scarf! ♥

    Trendy Teal

  12. such cute pics and I'm happy you had such a wonderful time! xx

  13. aw, sounds so good. It really looks like you guys clicked! that's awesome.
    You look beautiful in this outfit! Love it head to toe. I even saved the pic for inspo. ha!

  14. Aw! That sounds like so much fun! I really want to meet some of my blogging friends IRL!

    And your outfit is gorgeous - those tights are so cool! <3

  15. Aw this is so cute! I love both of your guys outfits. The brown and the yellow are great undertones for the fall and I love your tights!!!


  16. You're both so pretty! I'd love to meet another blogger too! x


  17. Oooh love the dress and those tights!!

  18. Saw this on instagram and was so excited to see the post, two bloggers I love in one, hooray! I love both of your outfits, and though you guys don't match persay, it still looks like your styles go really well together! Yay blogger meetups. hope you're having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah

  19. This entire post just makes my heart SO happy!! It was amazing to meet you Tonya! Come back and visit us poor fashionless Pacific Northwesterners SOON :)

  20. i still haven't had the balls to do a blogger meet up. being in philly i should really take advantage of it, but i'm a freaking nervous nancy when it comes to meeting strangers.
    love this post!

  21. hi dear...nice blog...❤
    what do you think to follow each other? ❤
    I'll wait for you
    kiss and have an happy day

  22. How do you make this blog look this cool!? Email me if you get the chance and share your wisdom. I’d be thankful!



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