This Thing Called Life

Enjoying the sunshine and mini road trip!

I went on a walk the other day, and picked myself a flower :)

My favorite necklace ever! I just got it last week, check out Luv by the Moon on Etsy, here

This is me just rolled out of bed, with puffy eyes from allergies :( But my Uncle gave me this sweet hat so I couldn't help but show it off!

No words can explain my love for my cactus print top! <3

Found these while thrifting 

Stairway to Heaven

Getting ready for Spring!!

First off, I want to say I'm SO SORRY for being the worst blogger ever lately. 
As always, sometimes life just gets super busy and you feel like you barely have time for anything! To be honest though, I love how busy I've been. Life has been treating me very well lately so I've just been taking the time to relax and enjoy it all. I'm also currently visiting my Dad so it's a little difficult to do outfit posts with no tripod! So in the meantime, follow me on Instagram for updates! :)
Instagram username: themoptop
Hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Easter!


  1. ah! those cactii!! stole my heart<3

  2. Before I had a tripod, I use to precariously position my camera on the hood of my car, in tree branches, on wall ledges... lol

    The Occasional Indulgence

  3. i wish i'm in a roadtrip too!! <3

  4. beautiful, simple snap shots :) Totally diggin' that necklace too!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Lovely photos! Glad life is being good to you!

    Tiny darling

  6. Great photos!

  7. Love all these photos and now I'm following you on instagram :)

    xo Ashley

  8. That white dress is to die for <3

  9. love your outfits, always!

  10. Looks awesome! I must have that necklace! Can't believe I wasn't following you on instagram before, now I am!

  11. Ahhh that cactus shirt!! What amazing finds. I may have to follow you on instagram because I love these photos so much!

    I'm glad life is being kind to you, that's always great & refreshing!

  12. Lovely pictures dear, I especially adore the stone stairs in the woods!

  13. I love the editing in these photos. We all get busy, and I know your readers (including myself!) totally understand :)



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