Life Lately

It's so crazy how one week you feel like you have so much time on your hands and the next you barely have enough time to think! Things can get a little busy with school, work, and trying my best to keep up my blog. I always want to thank you guys for being so understanding about it all.
We were lucky enough to have a really hot day awhile back so my boyfriend and I took advantage of it and went to hangout by the river! We also celebrated our 1 year anniversary recently and he surprised me with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots (I'm a lucky girl!) 
But today, I am so happy to have the day off to just relax and have a Harry Potter mini marathon!
(All photos from my Instagram: @themoptop)


  1. You have an awesome feed <3


  2. All of these photos are stunning! :)

  3. Lovely photos :)

  4. wow awesome swimwear! love all pictures! They are all interesting! Live it so much!

  5. Gorgeous photos! A boyfriend who buys you Jeffrey's sounds like a keeper :)

  6. those watermelon bottoms. and OH THOSE boots - I need to move into your wardrobe (not in the creepy kind..!) x



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