No, I Wouldn't Change a Thing

(not my photos, just inspiration)

These are some of my absolute favorite outfits. They are so incredibly inspiring, and they are perfectly put together in my opinion. Not too much..and not a thing left out. I want every single one of these articles of clothing...accessories included! ;) I love the boho feel to all of them, it's obviously my favorite style. And I am looking forward to the summer where I can wear flowy dresses more often. I think I need to invest in some lace shorts, and some ripped daisy dukes for the summer. Also some more hats of course, and I just love all of the hats included in these photos. 


  1. Love this.
    All the footwear in these pics are to die for.

  2. oh I love this! I wish I could pull this off!

  3. Love it.. amazing boho inspiration!
    Hey flower, I'm doing a Vagabond Van Giveaway on my blog. Stop by and enter a chance to win a beautiful scarf and an earring of your choice. Good luck!!

    Peace & Love

  4. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!!!Lovely boho inspiration!

  5. I'm drooling over your inspiration right now, I think me and you are on the same style page...

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  6. nice blog! i like the textile background you following, i hope you can also! i just started and i would really appreciate the support :-) thank you so much!

  7. I am in LOVE with that first velvet skirt. I need! Do you know who makes it?

    strawberry freckleface

  8. I wish I knew..You can find them at thrift stores many times though!

  9. LOVE this post!!! couldn't be more me!!! and of course, the 12th street lookbook picture looks familiar ;)

    ashley <3



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