When the Time Was Just Right

Just a few photos of some of my favorite musicians ever. 
Though they may be old or have passed, their music still continues to rock my world.
Who are your favorites?


  1. thanks for this awesome post! I really love music from the 60s and 70s, my all time faves are jimi hendrix and led zepp :) I also love the stones, deep purple, the doors and the beatles. and of course some 90s stuff like aerosmith and guns n roses :)

  2. Love em' all. Aha I love John Paul Jones's pose. Oh how I wish there were such a thing as a Delorean time machine! Pagey is just so charming!

  3. and this is why i adore you so much! :) i love all of these guys (especially zeppelin)...but i also love van morrison, david bowie, lynyrd skynyrd, fleetwood mac, joni mitchell...i could go on FOREVER!!!!! :)

  4. aw i love this post. I seriously love the 60's/70's. My fav were probably the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix for sure! aWESOME post girL!


    one rad life

  5. these photos make me miss days that I wasn't even alive for. I adore creedence clearwater revival and muse!


  6. I really miss George Harrison and John Lennon. Since I'm a big Beatles fan, it makes me especially sad to know that George and John are gone. Even though they are in the land of the above, their music is still rocking my world to no end!

  7. Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson. Still can't believe he's gone! Also love no doubt as a band.




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