Stormy Weather

The weather is absolutely terrible over here. The wind is blowing, and the rain is coming down sideways. This obviously makes it pretty difficult to take outfit photos :(
On days like this, I like to try and get inspired and piece together outfits...since I'm stuck inside.
What things and ideas are inspiring you guys right now?


  1. You look lovely even if the weather wasn't cooperating!

  2. Loving all of these pictures. They are definitely inspiring!
    I am loving the idea of leather shorts and tights so I have been in the hunt for the perfect couple.. we'll see ;)

  3. So much inspiration!

    xo Jennifer

  4. Great inspiration! The 1st outfit is so great with the camel, mustard, and strips. Lovin that!

  5. I know, this time of year is so hard to take photos here! My favorite is the third picture, such a lovely combination. :)
    xo, Tori

  6. The holidays always make me want to dress up with sequins and glitter so right now I'm trying to keep it toned down until Thursday :) Love the outfits!

    xo Ashley

  7. All these outfits look beautiful :)

  8. What would we do without inspiration? Although not a big fan of Internet as a culture, it does bring us together and offers countless hours of searching for inspiration, and finding inspiring people like you.
    The weather is terrible here as well, but I always put on bright colours to make the streets sing :) Today it's a floral dress with purple tights. And I chase the clouds away.

  9. this has given me inspiration for stormy weather. I hat bad weather, puts me in a bad mood, where i can't face fashion. I don't want to look nice. This has made me see a positive side to the dull weather. The looks and playful and very inspiring.
    You obviously have a keen eye for high fashion photography, would love to know your opinion on my recent photo shoot, i styled my self. Its my first shoot, so i would value some industry opinions.
    Its based on the high fashion fall trend - "Baroque".

  10. sorry a few typing errors*

  11. I love these outfits! You're style is so quirky and cute. On rainy days I find that I spend way too much time on pinterest... Hope the weather gets better :)
    Libby at

  12. Gah! Alexa has the best personal style ever, nothing new there, but the other photos are equally chic!

    Check my GIVEAWAY celebrating my 1,000th post!

    Maria Nichole

  13. I love this! This post is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Stay warm! xoxo

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth



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