In my Jewelry Box

I'm usually very minimalistic when it comes to accessories. But I do have some pieces that I absolutely love. I would have to say that rings are probably my favorite item of jewelry. They're all so unique and always add personality and make an outfit more interesting. 
The chevron knuckle ring in the second photo has been my favorite lately. It's from a cute little Etsy shop, Enamour Entirety, and I haven't wanted to take it off! And the two large stone rings I actually made myself (the b&w stone & rectangular stone)! So they are a little special to me :)

What's your favorite item of jewelry you own?
Hope you are enjoying your week! I also added new stuff to my vintage shop!


  1. i definitely love the feathers ring! so cute xx

  2. Those are really pretty rings! I love the feather one :) The ones you made are AMAZING!

    xo Azu

  3. oohhh, i love that ring holder. i haven't work marc jacobs fragrance since i was in high school but i just picked up his new one, dot a few weeks ago. they have such fun packaging, love the daisy bottle!


  4. Love the rings, I want the feather one!!

  5. This is a cute post!

    xo Jennifer

  6. I also love rings, but I lose them all the time. I take them off and play with them and wind up forgetting them on the bus or on the counter in the bathroom of a restaurant. It makes me worried about what will happen when I get older and have a wedding ring! I'll have to wear it as a necklace or something in order to make sure I never lose it! Ha ha.

    My favorite things are watches and earrings! I actually just got a new fossil watch for christmas that I am seriously loving. And for earrings I usually just stick to my pearl earrings, but sometimes I like to change it up with a nice pair of hoops or some pretty dangily earrings.

  7. Love the rings and the green ring holder!

    Vday Girl

  8. Great post!! All your rings are lovely!! :) ♥

  9. These are so pretty and so you. I love that you have the Daisy perfume, I have the original, they're both some of my favorites.
    xo, Tori

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