Sometimes Life Happens

This past week has been a little bit crazy for me and I seemed to put blogging on the back burner! :/ There were so many things I needed to get done and my boyfriend came to visit that I just caught up in all of that! But here are a few snap shots of my life lately to give you guys an update!
My accessories from the other day. I've been hooked on white chocolate mochas lately.

Me! Wearing a railroad striped dress I got from a thrift store

I was very, very, VERY excited when I saw that Free People pinned a photo of my on one of their Pinterest Boards! I think it's been stated many times how much I love Free People ;)

I love reading before bed. I also have been getting old books at thrift stores, the writing is so different and interesting.

My favorite shorts of the moment. I love embroidered floral print.

Tea and cozy socks are perfect for the cold winter days. 

During the beginning of the week I switched bedrooms and while I was arranging my room, I realized how much it's starting to look like an antique mall... Not complaining at all.

A pretty gem I picked up from Goodwill
 Did I mention how much I love floral print? ;) And floral print corduroy!? I couldn't be happier.

These shoes have pretty much been glued to my feet lately. They're my favorite!

Sorry again for the lack of an official outfit post lately! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!
All photos from my Instagram, follow me if you'd like! Username: themoptop


  1. beautiful recap!!

  2. Floral printed shorts and bag from the 1st photo are gorgeous! Lovely photos :)

  3. Lovely photo's Tonya! xx

  4. I ordered those same floral cords! Unfortunately, they were too big and I have to send them back :[
    Great photos though!

  5. Ahh such gorgeous pictures! Im in love with the bag from the first shot xx

  6. I absolutly adore each of these pictures. Really. I mean almost everybody else said that already, but I guess good things need to be said more often ;)

  7. Oh those shorts! Where are they from??

  8. your so pretty, and uh the first photo is perfect. Starbucks and you amazing bag x

  9. love this recap and love the old albums.
    great texture on the leather.

    check us out? follow us back?

  10. Where did you get that bag? I've been looking for one very similar to that for the longest time and can't find one.

  11. I don't blame you, the shoes are amazing, and the floral shorts as well. I have always loved floral prints

  12. I love those pants! :)

    join my galaxy leggings GIVEAWAY!

  13. White mochas are my absolute favorite! Glad to hear that you are doing well and got a nice visit with your boyfriend. Congrats about Free People on pinterest! That is awesome!

  14. Ah that's so exciting, Free People is my favorite! I would die! Love those shoes too, so cute!

  15. Congratulations on Free People pinning your photo! That is so awesome, I am also in love with those floral cords!




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