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I've been absolutely loving the beautiful fall weather here in Portland. This city glows even more this time of the year. I also celebrated my one year anniversary of moving to Portland! So exciting!

Last week, I took my little brother to the zoo and had so much fun! I loved seeing all the animals, and I saw my two favorites (giraffe and cheetah). I think my brother had a great time too.

I love finding coffee shops to do my homework in. I recently discovered Courier Coffee and I love it! They even serve their drinks in mason jars, so very Portland...I love it ;) 

Wearing head to toe Free People 

 I'm sure coffee and tea photos might get old, but I can't resist taking them. Especially when a cool rug is involved.

 Art school has been keeping me so so so busy lately! I'm taking 4 classes and you better believe there's always lots of homework involved. The great thing about it though is I'm studying something I love so it makes school very enjoyable!

Some of my most recent foot and leg shots. Also addicting like the coffee photos.

 Last but certainly not least, some words to think about. It can sometimes be hard to not think of the negative side of things, but it's important to believe in yourself. Be your own motivator!
(I also made this with a cool app I found called Landcam!) 

 Just wanted to share some of my recent Instagram photos. As usual, I have been working hard on school and work, but outfit photos are soon to come! Thanks for the feedback in my last post, if you haven't already left some feedback I would love to know what posts you guys would be interested in seeing from me! 
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  1. Beautiful photos! I love taking coffee cup pictures!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. these photos are amazing! love your style as usual :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  3. Such a lovely photos! I totally agree with that last quote :)

  4. Isn't Courier the best? It's actually first coffee shop I discovered when I moved here! Love the quote too, thats great!

  5. That quote is so inspiring. And I love the picture with the pine cone circle :)

  6. Beautiful pics! x

  7. These fall adventures are making me feel super homesick for the PNW. Love all your different looks!

  8. Hi, I stumble on your blog on bloglovin', and I'm so glad I did! There are so many lovely things about this post! The pine cone circle is perfect!


  9. Whoops! *stumbled...hate when I do that! ;)


  10. Wonderful photos of ur life lately :) Love the last inspiring quote.

  11. woow these photos are so beautiful! :D

  12. i love your style and your hair is so cute!! :)) I've been following your blog not too long so I don't know if you already have posted something about your hair, but in the case you didn't, could you write about it? i love the curls!

  13. Thanks for the update. It sounds like you're really enjoying yourself. These are some really cool photos! The leg and foot photos never get old :)

  14. I love seeing little bits of your life lately!

    Xo, Hannah



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