Never Say Never

 photo 79a9d0b4-db5b-453a-9f2b-62db53987805_zps260df421.jpg
(Hat: Forever 21, Dress: Free People, Shoes: Free People)

It feels like years since I've posted! It's been a bit over a week and I am so sorry for that! As I've said before, school and work has been keeping me extremely busy and my family came to visit this weekend. Anyways, here is one of my favorite outfits ever lately. It's kind of funny because I used to say I never wear red...and lately I've been so drawn to red. I think buying this dress brought out my love for red a little more. This dress is so comfy and flowy, it's perfect for when I'm in a rush for school or work but still want to look cute. It almost gives off a little vintage feel which makes me love it even more!

I also wanted to ask you guys for your opinion on some posts! What would you like me to post about here and there? More inspirations? Collages? I would love your feedback! I love sharing my ideas with you guys too!


  1. Love that dress!
    Maybe a hair tutorial? Your hair always looks so lovely!

  2. That dress looks so comfy and those shoes are too cute. I agree about the hair tutorial :)

  3. Amazing outfit! That dress looks so dreamy.

    A post about your style inspiration would be fantastic!


  4. Love love love that dress!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Why are you so perfect? Your hair has gotten longer since the last time I checked out your blog and your style is still so lovely and inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Please follow my blog!

    Raven Rosie

  6. You look SO lovely in this dress! :)

  7. Dress and hat in here are the perfect combination!!
    Anyway, wanna follow each other ? Just let me know ;)

    Visit mine:

  8. cute!

  9. I love the print! It's so pretty! I wish I had a flippy dress like that.

  10. I absolutely love this dress on you! Funny enough, I really love red but only own one or two pieces in the color! I've been on the hunt for some really comfortable red pieces though and am crossing my fingers that I find some lovely ones soon.

    I'd love to see more style inspiration!


  11. I have the same dress in cream but I love it in this color as well! stunning xx

  12. You totally rocked the dress!

  13. I love those shoes! Too cute and perfect for that dress :) As for ideas, I always love trend boards or inspiration collages


  14. This dress is SO fun!

    Xo, Hannah



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