One of the many reasons that I love my school, we had a DIY plant an edible herb event after class. I picked English Thyme and it's a beautiful addition to my room too!

 Recent thrift finds. I have been searching for a jacket like this and I was so happy when I found this for only $16!

 I am SO in love with my velvet chelsea boots from Asos. I haven't taken them off!

 A little room decor I did recently! 

Mixin' prints! 

 Posing for Free People Portland

 You guys might already know, but Alexa Chung is my style icon and I was so excited to get her new book! I read it in one night and I'm even more inspired by her. IT's a must read!!

Casual outfit for adventuring around Portland

My favorite way to relax, getting cozy with a cup of coffee or tea.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! 
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  1. I'd love to read IT. And I can only imagine how comfy those velvet boots are!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. Gosh! Those boots! I'm in love. xo!

  3. Your photos are so lovely!! I'm super jealous of both new pairs of boots, especially the vintage ones!


  4. Those velvet Chelsea boots are beyond amazing!
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  5. I love all your pictures, but I'm especially jealous of that jacket you found, great thrift find!

  6. I love the wall decor you did! The owl painting is SO adorable. I love owls, haha. And what a sweet thrifted jacket too, it looks super cozy :) xo

  7. I just saw "IT" at the bookstore yesterday and almost bought it! I guess I'm going to have to go back and get it now that you've recommended it


  8. LOVE that "mixing prints" shot!

  9. Where is the first dress from? x

  10. WOW! Great finds! Those boots are amazing!


  11. I've been dying to read Alexa Chung's book, I have to pick it up! And I love your velvet booties.

    Xo, Hannah



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