Wildfang x The Moptop

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I'm constantly blown away and inspired by the talent that is in Portland. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to collab with local brand Wildfang and local film photographer Amanda Smith to shoot some looks around the city. The photos turned out so great and reminded me of an old vintage magazine. Seriously, film is the coolest. I'm really hoping I'll be able to shoot with her again!
Also, if any of you guys plan on shopping on Black Friday, make sure and stop by Wildfang! They will be having 20% off everything (goes on from the 28th-30th) and $20 towards your next purchase! I also heard word they will be giving out Coava Coffee...which is one of my favorite things in the entire world. I might have to do some shopping there too..
Happy Thanksgiving everyone and happy shopping!


  1. Congrats on this collab, photos turned out fabulous! You did great girl! :)


  2. Ok I'm obsessed with every look!!! Are all the items on their website? Love the last sweater. You're a babe.

  3. oooo all those plaids<3<3heart eyes.

  4. LOVE that first look, the double plaid.
    SO goooood.
    x x x


  5. I love the plaid

  6. These are absolutely perfect <3



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