As of Lately

 Portland has been hit by a winter storm! It's been forcing me to bundle up in my warmest costs and hide under my hats. I've been wearing nothing but my fuzzy sweater from Urban Outfitters.

Portland's beautiful winter wonderland.

Music always makes homework a little better. I've been loving Mac DeMarco lately.

The bunnies at my aunt and uncles house had babies! They're the sweetest, softest, most adorable creatures I've ever seen...and they fit in one hand!

I recently acquired a pen pal! 

Succulents have been everywhere lately. I couldn't help but get a few for my room. 

Pretty lace dresses at Free People.

Some of my recent vintage finds. I have a real soft spot for turquoise jewelry.

Even though this snow has been beautiful, I can't wait for the warmer months.


  1. these photos are so beautiful! I've never even seen snow!

  2. The snow looks beautiful! xx


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  4. Oh I love the snow! We tend to get it just one or 2 days of the year here where I live in New Zealand and the whole city goes on lockdown because we're not used to it! haha. Love those beautiful lacy dresses!
    xox Amie Spoonful of Vintage

  5. Gorgeous pictures, I cannot believe it is snowing there and it is so hot over here!

  6. I've been listening to Mac Demarco a lot lately too. Perfect music for grey days.

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