Winter Bliss

It has been a winter wonderland here in Portland! This is the most snow I've ever seen here. It's been so beautiful but very cold. I've been bundling up in sweaters and hats and staying indoors for the most part. The city has almost shut down a little which is a great excuse to hangout inside with a hot cup of cocoa. My boyfriend and I went to explore the Forest Park area a little to see what it was like covered in snow, so we we're able to snap a few photos.
Hope you're all staying warm! 

What I'm wearing: Coat: c/o BB Dakota, Necklace: c/o JewelMint, Tank: Imogene + Willie, Hat: Free People


  1. Super look ;0)

    new post

  2. Nice:)) x

  3. what a beautiful winter scenery! and you in the middle..

  4. so beautiful! Just love your necklace :)

  5. Beautiful look, girl! I really like the jacket! :) I want one!!! It won't stop snowing in the Vancouver/Portland area. It's nine inches here and still snowing! Stay warm.


  6. nice coat! love this outfit!

  7. Ahh snow is so lovely when it first falls...then the cold becomes killer. I love the coat, and the woods look so dreamy powdered with white.


  8. Awesome pics and super cool outfit
    :) Nice job
    Liked your blog so much!!

  9. ah snow! i never touch snow in my country >.< how it feel? :)
    always love your post Tonya! :D



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