Where are you Spring?

Is anybody else wishing for Spring and Summer too? I am so ready for some sunny skies, flowers, and finally being able to wear dresses without tights! These are just some inspirational photos that I wanted to share. I found them all on Pinterest, you can follow me too if you want here!

It's been a crazy weekend! My cousin got married and I was the official photographer of it all and my Dad was in town. It was such a great time being able to see him again. I wasn't able to take any blog photos, but I should be back to regular posting again this week. I also added some really great vintage items to my shop, check them out at KooKoo Kachoo Vintage!


  1. A bit of spring would be nice...

  2. Just around the corner! ;) Nice pictures!

  3. nice pics!! ;-))


    new post


  4. lovely images! I was also playing around with Pinterest last week, trying to be more active there :)



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