It Beats For You

 (Dress: c/o SwayChic, Shoes & Bra: Free People, Necklaces: Katie Dean Jewelry)

When I first got this dress in the mail, I didn't stop wearing it for a couple of days straight. I love the super drop back and the flowy pleats. It's the perfect mix of comfortable but still pretty at the same time. My ideal summer dress! I pretty much have fallen in love with everything on the SwayChic website too. I love discovering new clothing sites, for inspiration as well as shopping! :)
I'm such a sucker for anything turquoise I'm sure you all can only imagine how in love I am with my new pieces from Katie Dean too.

Check out the new Sway Chic summer lookbook video too! 


  1. Perfect dress and necklace!

  2. U are so beauty! :) Is that ur natural hair? U always look perfect :)

  3. Your hair always looks so amazing!! :D

    This dress is very pretty on you.

    Amy xx
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  4. Ohhh, that looks like the most comfortable dress! I love dresses that are so comfy that you can just fall asleep in. <3

  5. I love this pretty white dress with a simple necklace with a tiny twist of green. Very dreamy outfit. "less is more" as they say :)

  6. Such a cute dress! And I love your platforms! Will follow via Bloglovin.


  7. So simple and chic. This is the look I always hope for when trying on a flowy dress, yet somehow I always end up looking like a baby in a paper bag...oh well! You look awesome.

    - Marie, So What If I Like Pretty Things

  8. Loving your style.
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  9. you're hair looks incredible - so glam!


  10. Beautiful dress! And it fits you perfectly!

  11. Oh!! So pretty, I love everything. The dress, necklace, hair, makeup ... Perfect. <3

  12. Pretty!

    xo Jennifer



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